Local adoptions are so far going slow at our little Farm. The tough conditions hardly make people comfortable (yet another reason to salute the hard-working volunteers!); the dogs are more or less hidden behind the temporary enclosures; the place is not that well-known yet. But despite all this – we do have a few lucky souls that were chosen and adopted by wonderful families. And the very first to go are:



Brownie came to us as a little baby – she was brought by the municipal dog catchers after having spent a couple of months in Seslavtysi – the municipal pound.  This was all a long, long time ago – back in 2010. Brownie grew up with us and became a very social and playful dog. You would not believe the number of people we offered her to… She must have been waiting for her special folk – she is now very happy in her new house with a garden.



Brownie went home with Larissa Bliznakova – a lady with a big heart, just as big as Brownie needs it to be!



Linda is the name the adopters chose for the second dog to be rehomed from the Farm. She is a 6 year old German Shepherd lady that was dumped in front of the shelter some months before we left Bogrov to move to the Farm. Such a balanced, good dog – the Postolovi family made an excellent choice taking her – she is now their loved companion in a Sofia city apartment and probably cannot believe her own luck!

26 February 2014 | Blog

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