Best regards from Churchill!

25 February 2014 | Blog


Or should we say – from d-r Zlatinov! This is the miracle he created after two 3-hour long surgeries with Mr.Churchill:

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In comparison, this is what the little lad’s leg looked like before the surgeries you gave him:

snim1 snim2

The leg is now in a functional form, as we told you earlier – the difficult part was not straightening the bone, but putting together a decent hip joint. Nevertheless this medical adventure was successful!

Our hero can now stand up and walk, no matter how much he dislikes the idea – sadly, it’s always very difficult in the first days after such heavy surgery. The good news is that your generosity gave Churchill the opportunity of the best possible veterinarian care and we are taking our hero back today. The boy has a brave foster who wants him, but we still do not know his stance on living with other animals, so he will need some observation until his wound is closed-up and he is more stable.


Once more – huge thanks on behalf of poor Churchill to all of you – the people who have him a chance to be healthy and happy! It will take some time, but he is on the right track, finally!

25 February 2014 | Blog

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