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Churchill 2 months after surgery

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Best regards from Churchill

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thanks churchill

Churchill has been successfully operated!
His surgeries (2×3 hours) took place yesterday and went well. From now on – he will go through serious physiotherapy, but hopefully will be able to walk normally in the future, although with a slight limb. The best of all is that the pain is gone! We will keep you posted. Thank you for all your help!
EDIT – 20.02.2014

The funds needed for Churchill’s surgery have been raised and the boy should be operated today (or if the doctor needs some more time of observation – tomorrow).
We will keep you informed about the outcome and recovery, thanks to two larger donations that were received he will be able to stay at the CVC for a few days after his operation.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Churchill was born in a desired litter and as you can see for yourself he is a husky – one of those that are most liked – fluffy, blue-eyed and kind-hearted. He was only a month old when they used him to pay off an old debt and thus – he found himself in a little yard in Chelopechene – an escape artist for a guard, with eyes as blue as the Arctic ice. At first it was all fine – Churchill was a most loved pet, they took him out on walks and it seemed like he is living a dream life. But then things changed.


We don’t know how it happened exactly, perhaps the free Nordic spirit found his way to escape the prison – and more than once too. There is an old, badly performed operation on his hind left leg that testifies he has been hit by a car more than once. Whether because the veterinary bills were so high, or because his family was just sick of him, when a car hit him again on the right hind leg – he was not taken to the doctor.

And so, day after day, the Z-formed fracture was healing in the wrong way, Churchill began to grow shorter and limpyer  until finally he seized to be that good-looking shiny animal that a person can boost their redneck confidence with. He became weaker and weaker, his coat began to mat and finally – he became an ugly site – his broken leg, turned unnaturally in the wrong direction, the old fracture that made him limp with the other back leg… who needs a dog like this? That’s right, only “fools” like us. Thus – Churchill made his first stroll in the street as a homeless dog – broken, hungry and alone.

The Farm cannot take on any new animals and we have already said “no” to helping this boy once. But when we got a hectic call from his friend in Chelopechene yesterday, saying “some guy has tied the dog with a rope and is dragging him in an unknown direction” we had to act fast and quickly a place in a crowded foster home was found. We thought – all right, an amputation is not all that expensive, we can manage it somehow.

But when we took the boy to the Central Vet Clinic doctor Zlatinov had some terrible news for us: yes, the situation with this leg is a nightmare, but there is no way we can amputate, because the other leg has no joint at all – if we do not provide him with at least one hind walking cane the boy will begin to drag his butt, unable to stand up. Check and Mate! The operation that would save Churchill will be a hell of an expensive one, even with a discount, even with the doctor donating his working hours, even with an amazing person like d-r Zlatinov.

snim2 snim1

500 leva. It is 500 leva that this blue-eyed hero needs to ever be able to run again. He needs 500 leva to become handsome and wanted again. Medically speaking – 500 leva are the price to be paid for a correction of the tibia, shortening of the femur and putting his joint back together. Or simply speaking – 500 leva are a huge barrier on the road to Mr.Churchill’s happiness.

Facts will be facts. Without your decisive support – Churchill cannot make it. He will be another disfigured testimony of how Bulgarians keep their dogs and what they do to them if they get sick.

Still, we are terminally ill with optimism and have the stubborn belief that nothing is as bad as it seems. Countless animals owe their lives and happiness to you, friends. Perhaps you would do your miracle again, for Churchill?

IMGP8178 IMGP8204

If you decide to help him – we will be very grateful. You can donate for him through PayPal, e-pay or by bank – all details can be found HERE.
Donations for Churchill can also be left at the front desk in the Central Vet Clinic, just don’t forget to say they are “for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia”.

On behalf of the good little hero, who has so patiently put up with immense pain caused and neglected by people – we thank the donors who will help him in his quest. We want to, we must believe that the world is not such a horrible place and there is space in it for a Churchill. But a happy, jumpy, loved Churchill, not a matted limping stray who wanders hungry and hated through emptiness till the day he dies.


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