You know that until we have finished with the reconstructions and registration we cannot take on new cases. But a distress call about a dog that was dragged by a vehicle shot us out of the Farm with a huge speed to Drujba district last week.  On the spot where Tsvety, a volunteer who found the dog waited, appeared D-r Ilieva.

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There, she found a female dog about to go into shock having lost huge amounts of blood and with her tissues torn down to the bone after being dragged by a car for at least 40 meters, judging by the bloody tracks on the pavement. It was after either dumped, or crawled to the side-bank in agony. Dyeing from blood loss and minutes away from sinking into shock the girl was immediately loaded on to the car whilst d-r Ilieva was calling the boys at the farm to get her stuff ready to save the dog’s life.

Minutes later the dog was at the Farm where the guys were already waiting at the door with all the tools needed for blood transfusion and a generous shelter donor.  D-r Ilieva fought an epic battle to save the life of the poor tortured creature. After about two hours she raised her head “I think she made it” and whilst she was putting the dog on a new set of infusions the most unexpected thing happened – the owners were found.

It turned out this is not just a stray, but a run-away that has traveled a great distance in 10 days whilst her owners were searching for her in a totally different part of town:

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“On January 31-st Lora was lost in H.Dimitar – a car hit her and she ran away. It was a side hit only of her head and shoulders, I have no idea what her condition is, because she ran like the wind and I lost her from sight in seconds. She might have gone anywhere, it’s been days of search an no one has seen her around here. Until this winter she has only lived in a village and is not yet used to the noisy city, she is very scared! She has a leather collar on her neck. If you happen to know anything about Lora, I would be greatly obliged for you to call me!!!”

Soon after that the owners were at the shelter to pick up their Lora so she can be treated in appropriate clinical surroundings. And so, this girl (your call – do you consider her lucky or un-lucky?) survived a whole range of horrible situations, but despite everything managed to survive and return back to her people.


And do you know what the strangest thing is? In the rush whilst we were fighting for the dog’s life, before we knew anything of her story, Nadia suggested: “Let’s call her Lora”…

11 February 2014 | Blog

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