The last Bogrovians, Part 4

09 February 2014 | Blog

And so, the last (but not least!) group of lucky souls to leave the Bogrov shelter in its last days of existence. These little heroes didn’t get to enjoy the variety and the cold at the Farm for which we congratulate them with all our hearts! Here are the very last – last Bogrovians:



Ripley (until recently known as Kaleb) is a 2-year old dog who spent his whole life at the shelter. Dumped as a tiny baby and last to be adopted from his litter, he now has his own home! Ripley now lives in the home of Zoya and Kamen Kamenovy in a house with a yard and a dog-companion to share a long happy life with. Farewell, dearest, we thank you for being so patient and kind. Look at him – this is Ripley as a little boy, what a sweetheart:

Caleb-1 Caleb-2



Shaggy was adopted by Nathalia and Petko Lazarovi! He came to us after a kind foster family took care of him, his mother and a brother until we had space for them. Mom – who was as tiny as him – was adopted in Germany a year ago. The brother, who is a large dog to his misfortune, is still with us. Shaggy now lazes about his own home, sleeping was his main activity at the shelter, but it’s a whole other story to have your own warm bed to snuggle into!



Do you remember Annie? She is that tiny and incredibly sweet dog that we took in with 2 bones broken on a front paw after getting hit by a car quite some time ago. The good little girl struggled to get back on her feet, but succeeded. After so many procedures and manipulations Annie became a total people-fanatic and it would break our hearts to see her sad and lonely in her otherwise very large dog companion group. Annie was chosen by Irena Gapova and is already enjoying all the pleasures of life as an apartment dog – loved and spoiled as much as she deserves!



Eva is a lovely dog that was abandoned with our friends at the “Good Idea” veterinary clinic – she had a large unpayed bill and no prospect for anything more than a crate in the clinic’s overnight compartment. After she had lived with the good doctors for many months Eva came to us as a very kind, very people-oriented dog. Sadly, being large and brown she was not on the “rapid adoptions” list.


And still – after such a long time in a cage, she finally got her chance of being happy – Eva was adopted by Tzvetan Tzvetanov and is already enjoying her spacious new yard! Stay safe, you sweet bear!

09 February 2014 | Blog

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