The last Bogrovians, Part 3

08 February 2014 | Blog

There was a lot of heavy work to be done during the last month – moving from Bogrov to the Farm at the brink of the New Year was really an adventure – we thank the brave volunteers again for helping out in the most difficult times. Unfortunately, with the many tasks we had during our first weeks at the Farm – we are somewhat behind on our happy dog stories. In a few consecutive days we present to you the last dogs to leave the Bogrov shelter – going to their wonderful new families here in Bulgaria. Today it’s the turn of Max and… Max who were adopted by Michail and Michaela!

max3 max5

Max is a husky found wandering about the Ariana lake. He was dirty, skinny and not as cocky as his typical self, but quickly became a shiny, happy dog, being a strong Nordic soul. Adopted once and then returned to us (he is a very vocal character) he now has the pleasure of singing to Michail Nikolov!



We all hope that now, gotten all the spoiling and attention he craves, he will no longer find it necessary to scream out his feelings. For now he is doing great, keep your fingers crossed for him, because no matter how handsome, smart and spoiled he is – there is still a northern hooligan with bad eskimo manners behind those clever eyes. Stay smart boy and take care of youself!

Max max1

And here is… Max. Only this Max came to the shelter along with his twin-sister Mory. No way to tell them apart, completely identical dogs. They were raised by a woman who had them for a few months, but then decided she couldn’t handle them and brought them to us. At first they were both very shy and easily startled, but managed to get over it and thanks to the effort of the awesome volunteers they both became friendly attention-seekers. Max was adopted by Michaela Kireva who wasn’t scared by our horrid descriptions of his enthusiastic trouble-making and is now reporting of an absolutely calm, obedient, careful boy with a great attitude!

08 February 2014 | Blog

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