The last Bogrovians, Part 2

07 February 2014 | Blog

You can probably imagine what a madhouse the moving of all the animals from Bogrov to the Farm was. In the titanic effort to make things run smoothly at the new place we have failed to tell you about the last dogs that found their happiness from the Bogrov shelter. And so – Jivko-Ferdinand and Lubcho have applied to become full-blooded Yankees!

Jivko Ferdinand


Rebecca Margolies adopted the kind, loving, incredibly fun and good-tempered boy Jivko! Jivko (now known as Ferdinand) is one of the many dogs we took from the abandoned plant Kremikovtzi for rehoming. We picked him up with his mother – Lilly, who is already happy and loved abroad. And our dear boy will spend another year in Bulgaria and then head off to USA!



Katy Swartz is Rebecca’s friend. As you can see – the two ladies came together to chose their best friends from us and Katy chose Lubcho! Lubo has been with us ever since he was a little baby, he was brought to the shelter by the municipal catchers along with his mother. Like kind Jivko, he too spent a long time at the shelter despite being an all-friendly, cheerful folk. It must have been their trans-Atlantic destiny that kept them with us all this time. After a year in Bulgaria Lubo will travel back to the US with his owner!

Congratulations, boys! 

07 February 2014 | Blog

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