The last Bogrovians, Part 1

06 February 2014 | Blog

With a huge delay, but no less pride, we present to you the last dogs that found their adopters before we left the Bogrov shelter for good. We will introduce them to you in four parts, this is the first:

Maron the Seslavian


Maron, or as we called him “The Seslavian” was of course – picked up by us at the Seslavtsi municipal pound. Furry and playful, fabulous with people, he has problems dealing with other dogs. So, he sat alone in his outside enclosure for quite a while without any prospects of going anywhere. This went on until he was finally noticed by Georgi Dimitrov! Maron now lives happily ever after in hisown house with a yard with Georgi here in Sofia.



Our fabulous friends and adopters Jean-Luke and Nathalie adopted their fifth pack-member from us! As Jean put it – he wanted to surprise his wife with a big, fluffy dog… Well, we had just the one! Zaio (means “Bunny”)! The rabbit seems huge here, but we found him weak and very frightened, showing signs that he had been beaten badly and often. It so happened that he had to live in the surgery room for quite some time scaring the wits out of anyone that would walk in without knowing we had a bear in there. Zaio is already having a great time with Sivcho, Bear and the babies. Hurray!


03 Мариан

Our famous Marian – the March boy in our 20145 calendar was adopted by Nina Kornileva! Marian came to the shelter at 20 days as a dumbed baby along with his 5 siblings. Poor Max is the last one to remain with us from this litter. And Marian is already shining in the home of his lovely new family in Sofia with a lovely new name – Axel. What a lucky boy! He is the sixth one from the calendar to be rehomed, 6 more to go!

marian3 marain 4


Above, you can see him when he arrived (in the middle) and growing up at the shelter. And here is a short message about him from his new parents:

marian2 marian1

I am writing to let you know that Axel (until recently known as Marian or just “the White”) is feeling great and so are we with him. He is getting to be more and more relaxed, he is no longer scared of stairs, pigeons, doves, trams and noisy children. He is very social – he likes the other dogs and is calm and playful with them. He shows and interest and sympathy to stray cats too, but as expected – it is not mutual.
Regards, Nina

06 February 2014 | Blog

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