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23 January 2014 | Blog

Petya Malakova, the adopter of little Cherry sends us smiles from the Malakovi family lives.



I can finally sit down to send you a letter long due, we haven’t sent a word since last winter, but we had a very busy schedule.

First, we managed to buy Cherry and Maxim a bigger apartment to their great run and stomp joy. Of course, the two of them didn’t take part in the reconstruction efforts and lay about while my husband and I were dizzy with work. We moved at the end of the summer and turns out we like it way better and do not miss our one-room flat at all.

After this major task was out of the way the time came for summer holiday trips! Cherry endured her first (at least judging by her astonishment) train ride. I was very worried: to board a train with a dog, naughty boy, and 15 kilograms of luggage, spending 8 hours like this till we got to Varna. It turns out that if you buy half a ticket and board the last coupe in the last wagon of the second class train you can very well make it to the sea with your pet (hurray for the Bulgarian State Trains!).


We came home happy and satisfied, tanned and – some of us – somewhat chubbier. My mother discovered that Cherry really enjoys meatballs and spinach pie and organized her a generous 20-day feast – poor girl is still on a diet, she couldn’t say no, you know, it would be an islut.

Then, we had the first day of school – our Maxim is now in First Grade. We didn’t feel a year go by, and once again the best girl in the family was Cherry.

Kisses and greetings from us and see you soon!

Patya, Maxim, Angel and Cherry

P.S. Come visit and see how well we are doing 😉



Click here to see Cherry before she was adopted

23 January 2014 | Blog

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