Sad news from Phoebe

21 January 2014 | Blog


She is alive, don’t worry! But, she is ill, this is what happened:

We took Phoebe for a surgery to d-r Zlatinov and told him everything we knew about her. X-rays were made, but before the surgery could take place the good doctor tested her for illnesses that could be latent. And he turned out right –her parvovirosis test was positive and we expect the symptoms to begin showing any moment.

This means two things: first, Phoebe’s immune system is not just weak, it is non-existent; and second – she cannot be operated on until she is well. The CVC parvo treatment plan is excellent, we have been using it successfully for a while and have had a zero loss rate. And Phoebe has a great appetite and a good character, so she has a good chance of making it.

We are probably looking at about 10 days of hospital treatment which will have to happen at the CVC for obvious reasons – we don’t have a clinic, nor any conditions for her treatment. Many thanks to the vets at CVC for giving Phoebe a big discount, as well as the donors who made her treatment  possible.

21 January 2014 | Blog

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