We have a new segment on our website! “News from the Farm” comes to replace the “Bogrov Newsflash” and will be telling you about the more important events going on at our new shelter. For those who are not acquainted with the story: thanks to thousands of kind and generous people the 3-month long campaign to purchase a new place of work for ARSofia ended with a success! The new spot is an old dairy farm that we will renovate and reconstruct to turn it into a humane, no-kill shelter for the homeless animals of our city.

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So, 20 days have passed since we moved on to the Farm – making a property deal, moving and renovating was a task nearly impossible to achieve in the heat of the Holiday season. But, as they say – we are still standing! Here is a short story about what has been going on at the Farm these last days.

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As a beginning – we had to figure out some sort of temporary enclosures for the dogs. Despite having twice less animals /we stopped admitting new dogs a few months before we closed down Bogrov/, 250 dogs is still a whole lot of dogs and having in mind not everybody loves everyone, the question mark in this equation was gigantic. Our genius Svetlio found a solution – we rented some fence-panels from a company that leases construction equipment and thus – made temporary enclosures for the dogs. It is a good option, because the panels keep the dogs sheltered from the wind, at the same time not allowing them to see through and keeping them calm. Besides, we really do not plan to invest in anything that is temporary – nets, stakes, doors… as we have it in Bulgaria – “we try to split every cent in two”.

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We are very grateful to the volunteers who took part into erecting the temporary enclosures. The work was very heavy and we couldn’t have done it without your great efforts. Our handy helpers did a lot of stuff to help out the easier running of the Farm, but most importantly – they helped us with the dog-houses. We had a good dog-house count when we moved, but far from enough so that every dog has its own private space. Our appreciation goes out to the people who donated houses or helped us construct make-shift housing from left over materials at the Farm. After the weekend ahead of us there should be a separate house for each animal on the grounds, so there will be no crowding when the cold comes. This is an opportunity to also thank the weather – despite all the mud, the warm days in the beginning of January definitely helped us keep the situation under control .

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So, how about the Farm reconstruction? As you know, each reconstruction, especially such a big one, needs a serious and long planning, as well as plenty of documents from different institutions. It a whole other story how hard it turned out to find a company you could trust and in the same time agree with the pricelist. We are currently working with a team of workers under our guidance, if you have anyone to recommend, please do. As stage one – our most important task is to make sure the dogs get their home and finish their building first. The plan for the dog building is already finished and work has begun, we are still considering the general layout of the place:

variant 01  variant 02  variant 03

We really need to say a Huge Thank You to the Senior Volunteers who are already organizing the weekend walks for the volunteers who do not know our dogs so well. Their tireless work continues to inspire and motivate us, and thanks to them our dogs continue to get the company and cuddles they dream of. If you decide to join them – take a look HERE and feel welcome to join us!

dobrovoltzi (4) dobrovoltzi (7)

We’ve had several transports in the end of December and beginning of January, we haven’t been able to tell you all in details yet, but we are very glad that our colleagues are helping us out with the more “sticky” cases. It is not an easy task – you know that the dogs are mostly chosen by the way the look, so we have quite a few dark and older dogs that have been left behind and are somewhat more difficult to place. We will do all that is in our power to rehome the dogs that moved from Bogrov to the Farm with us before we start to admit new animals. It is a little complicated with the financial side of the transports, but rehoming the most-unwanted remains a priority, so we will have to figure out a way.

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And when do we begin admitting new animals? Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact date as a large part of the estimate doesn’t depend on us, but on the speed of the institutions we need permits from – both for the clinic and the shelter. We expect the dogs to move over to the new building no further than by the middle of March, and the shelter and clinic to hopefully begin working at full speed in the beginning of summer.

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Once again – we thank the donors who turned the Dream Farm into a Real Farm; to the volunteers who are with us every step of the hard road; to the shelter staff for the huge efforts in such a tough environment; to the adopters who open their homes for the dogs in need; to every single person who truly cares about the destiny of the homeless animals. Your trust and amazing support are giving us strength to go forth and fulfill our common dream. Until the day when there will be no more voiceless martyrs suffering in our streets and we can all congratulate each other for doing our job.

21 January 2014 | The Farm Newsflash

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