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Phoebe is a big girl now

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Phoebe after her successful surgery

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Phoebe has parvo



I… Am thanking you very much! I promise not to cry and not to be in pain! Max and Cuba said the doctor is good and doesn’t beat us, besides you just sleep in a nice warm room while they cut you, so it’s not scary to be cut at all, because you have friends… 3 for good luck, that’s what they said… I could use some luck… So this is why I am thanking you, that you send me this moneys for the surgery and that DeeDee will take me to her home after they cut me, I will be warm! Don’t worry, because I am not afraid. I am thanking you… they will cut me today… Is it going to be scary? I will write you… so please cross your fingers for me!

There are so few problems when you have a mommy to keep you warm, feed you and clean you. It must have been something really good in the beginning. Maybe at first Phoebe even believed that Humans are her Best Friends and the world welcomes her Bright Future with arms wide open… 70 days. This is the approximate life experience for Phoebe, and that is if we count those first two weeks when she could not hear or see anything.


She is nothing more than a silly 2-month-old puppy. Still, she is much too wise for her age yet. She has already been hurt so badly that an amputation is necessary. She is so starved by the hunger and parasites that her immune system has fallen offline and she has a skin illness. She may just be a baby, but she already knows to value life and is ready to go through all the pain in the world if only she would have the chance to stand on her feet again.

Phoebe was brought to The Farm by… a woman. Armed with the line “but you have already helped me before” she refused to hear us out and understand that there is no shelter in this place yet, that we not only can’t, but are not allowed to help out. But… she had already spoken to all other clinics and shelters, everyone denied help, everyone told us to find it with us… We talked and explained and talked and explained and after we lost so much time… we found Phoebe abandoned by the gate, with her leg hanging on a thing thread of skin.

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So… Phoebe might only have 70 days of life experience, but she already knows what it’s like to be hit by a car, to be found and dumped. She may not have much, but has already made friends – the gentlemen Hunger and Cold and the ladies Pain and Loneliness have been her buddies all this time. We cannot leave her outside and we cannot offer her much, but we can try to take care of her. Would you help?

To perform an amputation on Phoebe we need a minimum of 238BGN: 120 for the surgery + 30 for x-rays + 88 for 2 nights of stay at the clinic.

If you decide to be a friend to Phoebe CLICK HERE – you could donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia.

And just to be clear about the situation: there is not only no clinic, but also not even a toilet in the Farm yet. We still do not have warm water, and the cold water springs out on one location, directly from the ground source. There is no heating. We currently lack the most basic conditions for a normal life, let alone a clinical practice. The animals and the staff have a hard time coping every single day, but are clutching their teeth until the reconstructions are finished. Situations like this aren’t simply un-helpful; they put animals in danger, risking our name as an organization. We are not allowed to keep injured animals at this point – it is illegal. There is nothing in the world that we would toy around with our animals’ chance of happiness for! Thank you for understanding.

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