Dear friends,
as you are aware, three offices have passed in the Ministry of Justice, since the changes in the Penalty Code began. The project was started in 2011 and only finished by the current administration, the final draft being published for discussions at the end of December last year.

We were shocked to find the animal cruelty texts changed beyond recognition. The draft intended lesser fines and penalties for animal cruelty, practically de-criminalizing animal fighting. We sent our Statement to the Ministry, shared the petition our colleagues made, asked you for your help and you provided it, friends. Finally, the amendments regarding cruelty to animals were dismissed and the PC was sent to the Parliament for voting unchanged in this part.

We thank the minister of Justice Zinaida Zlatanova for respecting the protest and professional opinion of many activists and animal welfare groups. We thank you for being so active in sending your Statements and signing the petition (which automatically generates e-mails to the persons responsible).

Hopefully, there will be no sudden changes of course and the texts of the Penalty Code regarding cruelty to animals will remain the same.

19 January 2014 | News

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