After the case from Varna, yet another video showing an owned fighting dog being “trained”on a homeless animal shocked the animal lovers of Bulgaria yesterday. The video originates from Botevgrad and was published by the proud owner on Facebook.

We remind you that currently, the Government is making efforts to change the Penalty Code, putting in smaller punishments and minor penalties, practically de-criminalizing animal fighting.

The video of the pet pitbull, encouraged and bated by its owner can be seen at, but be warned – it is horrid to see.

People from Botevgrad are needed to file the following COMPLAINT to the local police and prosecutors so that this crime does not go unpunished. These FILES should be also presented on a CD or memory card /the video and the two screenshots/.

balkanec1 balkanec2

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet signed the petition against the changes in the Penalty Code, regarding cruelty to animals, please DO IT NOW. Your voice and participation are the only things that can influence this situation at the moment. You will find more information HERE.

To learn more about animal fights in Bulgaria, see THIS INVESTIGATION by Nova TV, it dates from 2011. It is important to note that the referee of the fight – police officer Stefan Naydenov was only punished with a disciplinary act at his work after the film was broadcasted.

10 January 2014 | News

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