Two very “difficult” dogs are already at the start of their new lives outside Bulgaria – our former heart-worm hero giant Glavka and the little scalped Ushka are in the UK with lovely people!

Glavka is one of the shelter’s biggest dogs. She is not the heaviest, but she is very tall and intimidating, of course – she is also the favorite dog of d-r Stankova. In the two years we have had her there was only one adopter who was interested in Glavka and for a life on a chain too. And the poor girl seems to think she is a poodle-pug mix that would love nothing more than to be with people who are addicted to cuddles. To top her brown color and huge size, Glavka also turned out to be infested with heart-worm that could cost her a life, and is bloody difficult and expensive to treat…

glavka1 glavka2

It was your great help that gave Glavka a parasite-free heart, and then our friend Candace Sasse came to the rescue. Today Glavka is situated at one of the best no-kill shelters in the UK hanks to Candy. She lives in a warm room together with a friend, receives visitors and adoption candidates and cannot wait for the best to be chosen, so she can finally go home!

Still, we think it is Ushka that got the Golden Ticket to happiness. Besides being saved from who knows what – she arrived in the shelter totally scalped, with no skin on her head. D-r Ilieva did all her best to help her recover, but made it. Of course, us being us, there are no photos to show you her miraculous recovery, so we can only show you a few accidental shots that were made – from the day we got her, during her recovery and on the day when a very special Santa took her to her new home.


Yes! Ushka is already in her forever home and bears a lovely new name – Tagan! She was adopted straight away and was lucky to go to a lovely person – Rachel, who is on staff at the shelter that welcomed Ushka! She is being good and we can only regret that we cannot be there to see her florish in happiness, comfort and love!

Huge thanks to Candy for the places she found for our girls, as well as for the miracles she is doing for the dogs in the Smolyan area! And to all of you, who gave these ladies health, care, love and shelter in a difficult time – loads of love. From us and from the two happy girls that would have never otherwise found happiness, if it was not for you, dear friends.

09 January 2014 | Blog

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