Dumped out in the street, Arya and her siblings were lucky to get help from kind people who prepared them with vaccines before we could take the whole litter to the shelter. The good little girl was the last of her litter to be adopted – no one had chosen her all this time because of her dark color.


Arya was very lonely before Yordanka Karaivanova came to the shelter to adopt her, she is not anymore! Good luck, Danny and Arya, we wish you long years of happiness together!


Mecho the bear almost became American, but didn’t have enough points to get a Green Card. Well, sort of… his whole litter was dumped in front of the American Embassy in Sofia.


Mecho was very lucky to be adopted by Stoyan Chechov and his daughter! He is already the family’s best friend and a faithful guardian of their house too. Good luck, dear boy, stay smart and good!


4 sweet heads and 8 sparkling eyes were carefully looking at us when we first met Jack in a box with all of his dumped siblings. It seems like they knew something good was on its way. The little ones never know that often their colors and sizes are more important than their hearts and loyalty.


But, the good news is that Jack will never have to learn this sad fact of life, because he was adopted by Christo Prodanski and his girlfriend Maria! Today Jack is a greatly loved apartment dog and prays to the Dog Gods every night before he goes to sleep. He prays that there are no more puppies like himself and his brothers – dumped to die of cold, hunger and loneliness, he prays that everyone is as happy as Mr.Happy Jack! And so do we…

08 January 2014 | Blog

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