A third successful adoption weekend took place at the PETS&U store! Two lovely young dogs have found true happiness in a great family – Echemishka the little dumped puppy and Martin, a baby with a badly broken shoulder that you helped fix.

They have a home

What a stroke of amazing luck for Echemishka and Martin!!!
The two were adopted together and are already living happily ever after in their new Sofia home with Krassimir and Galina Stamboliiski’s family!!!


Krassimir and Galina have always looked after two dogs in their family – they know that life is so much easier with and for a dog when it’s not left alone all day. Dogs that live in couples are never lonely and sad, they grow up to be more balanced and obedient and are overall easier to look after. We couldn’t be happier that these two babies got this chance with the Stamboliiski, both of them so friendly, social and playful!

They will be waiting for adoptions on 11+12.01.2014

Three boys will be waiting for Lady Luck to find them this weekend at PETS&U. All three of them are very, very special lads:

cedrik marek kim

  • CEDRIC – 6 m.o. boy with the sweetest of temperaments – kind, clever, and obedient. He is the friendliest of his litter and spends his time daydreaming about a family that would let him love them. He is brother to Anton&Puntchken.
  • MAREK – a 3 m.o. boy who will steal your heart in a blink! He is kind, he is gentle, he is funny, he is sweet, he is cute, he is quiet and obedient, he is a treasure!
  • KIM – a 7 m.o. breathtakingly beautiful boy! Unfortunately – he is as luck-less as he is good – all of his siblings were adopted in Holland, he is the only one who remained and feels so lonely and sad…

The boys will be expecting their new families on the 11-th and 12-th of January at Pets&U!

They donated whilst shopping


You raised a total of 702 BGN for our dogs in December – thank you so much for shopping at PEts&U!!!  And now – January has kicked in and a new brand is helping animals out at Pets&U!

This month you donate 10% of any purchased food of the HAPPY DOG & HAPPY CAT brands to ARSofia and 4 paws! Thank you for using this opportunity to help!

happy dog

The Britt donations are gaining in speed! The initiative is not for a month only, it will continue throughout 2014. When purchasing foods of the brand Brit *adult, 10-25kg* you donate:

  • 15 BGN of the 20 kilo bags (cost: 60 BGN)!
  • 5 BGN of the 3 kilo bags (cost: 15 BGN)!
  • 2 BGN of the 1 kilo bags (cost: 6,50 BGN)!

gergana trifonhova

Gergana Trifonova bought 2 packets of Brit for the homeless animals in the care of ourselves and our colleagues! Thus – she not only bought them food, but made a 5 leva donation for each organization!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-people are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK


We thank Pets&U for this incredible support and their principle position on the welfare of all animals!

We thank the adopters and donors for the miracles they do for our animals!

We thank you all for reading and hopefully sharing this initiative so it can reach a maximum number of people!

07 January 2014 | Blog, Pets&U News

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