It is with great joy that we present you two wonderful news about two wonderful ladies! You know them both, they have both been through a lot of hardship until Lady Luck smiles their way and both deserve it more than anything in the world!


We named her this, because she was the saddest, most tortured creature when she was brought to our shelter over 3 years ago. Cinderella happened to be our first serious skin-illness case – she was our first time to see how amazing a transformation is when a dog is healing. Despite all the pain, cold and hunger she had suffered, Cinderella was and always will be a dog with a wonderful character – friendly, patient and smart. We thank Anita Ilieva-Shunina who opened her heart and home up for our girl! Her new name is Sara and she is already living her dream life in a Sofia apartment!


The lovely Juanita from Kazichene showed up at a time when we were not admitting. It was the sad letter of the child who used to take care of her that made us change our mind and she arrived at the shelter in one of our most difficult months. With your fabulous help and support Juanita got the surgery she needed and became a happy healthy young lady. We thought she will be adopted in an instant, but she must have been waiting for a special someone. Fortunately – that special someone has come looking for her! Juanita, now named Leah is officially the best friend of Alexandra Goteva and her partner. Loads of luck!

06 January 2014 | Blog

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