Four lucky Rottweilers

04 January 2014 | Blog

4 un-wanted Bulgarian rotties are now in their Dutch families – sadly, in the 4 years since we began work we have had quite a few Rottweilers  in need. You know these guys:

IMG_4346 IMG_4365

Ike – a boy who already left us once, but had to quickly head back. The diagnose he received here (of an in-curable chronic illness) turned out to be wrong and he was quickly returned to us for treatment. The operation that would have cost gold and diamonds in Holland was carried out here and successfully and after a couple of unexpected months back in Bulgaria, Ike finally took off to his adoptive family. Buy, Ike! Don’t you come back here for a third time, silly!

DSC04410 DSC04412

Granny Rott – you probably remember her too. She was dumped out in the street with huge mammary tumors. When we found her she looked at least a thousand years old, but when she was rid of the tumors and fed like a normal dog – she became a shiny, happy and most of all – healthy dog. Granny is already with her family and 3 other Rottweilers and not a thought in her head about the twisted motherland she left behind.

Brita DSC04396

Brita – you have probably seen her at the shelter, she had quite a long wait. Brita arrived with us after having spent all her life on a 120-cm chain since she was a 3-month old puppy. At the beginning we had some mis-understandings about the role of Dog in society and live chewing-gums, but we quickly settled our differences and Brita became yet another good bear at the shelter.

IMG_0685 IMG_0690

And finally – the lovely little Keiser – a boy we almost lost to a cunning pneumonia – you saved his life. At the beginning, when he was left with us (he was brought to the shelter by his owners – he was about 6 months old) he as a mess – scared, shivering, panicked… but that is now all in the past. Today Keiser is happy and spoiled with a lovely Belgian family who loves him dearly!

04 January 2014 | Blog

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