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Exactly 1 304 leva and 84 stotinki were raised for the Farm by our adopter and great helper Margreta Panovska at the Unicredit Bank Bazaar! But we will let her tell you about what she and her colleagues managed to organize herself:

Many colleagues took part – some by little, others were very generous, we even had those clever people who don’t like dogs donating – so that the animals come off the streets finally. Having in mind that our initiative was not the main cause I think we did more than well. My personal message reached 300 colleagues – we surely have touched a heart out there, a friend was made.

Our main cause – The Parents of Children With Down Syndrome was very successful too – we raised over 3 800 leva! We proved to every prejudiced mind that human and animal causes are natural and don’t compete, instead they bring out the best of the people with kind hearts where “there is space for everyone!”

A very happy Maggie


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The fact that the Farm now belongs to the homeless animals is one that you, not us should take credit for – the people who decided that this place must be; the ones who organized countless charitable events and sales; who bought a few tons of calendars, t-shirts, post-cards, cups, cookies and sweets; who came to our exhibition, lessons, concerts and flash-mob; who donated whatever they could from their pay-checks every month of the 3-month campaign; the ones who know that if you want to see change – you have to be that change yourself. Our neighbors have a great word to express it – Aferim!

24 December 2013 | News

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