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BGN 3223 were raised for the Farm by the girls from the boutiques on Karnigradska street in the last fund-raising event of the year! With this accomplishment and the colossal success of the sale last month Marinela, Rayna, Inga, Rosalin, Vyara and all the lovely ladies from the Karnigradska boutiques remain on the leading position in our fund-raising campaign for the Farm!

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It was another amazing gathering – a combination of what is pretty and comfortable, what is useful and lovely! The fact that these amazing women exist in this unusual place of our insane city is life-comforting and inspiring – you really are fairies, girls: so kind, so good-looking, so hard-working – we really mean it when we say we think you are fairies.

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Once again – huge gratitude to all that visited the Paradise Garage Boutique and Muse Shop for their Christmas shopping! And to our magic friends a bear hug – we may be a different sort of people, and surely not so elegant, but our kind knows what a True Friend is J Loads of love!!! LOADS OF LUCK!!!

26 December 2013 | News

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