We already shared some of the miracles performed by our kind friends at Blind Dog Rescue UK for our animals in this difficult time. Their immense help has provided happiness for so many of our “hopeless” cases already, but there are more!!!

Chocho & Dushka & Riccardo

You know them more than well! All three are totally irresistible. The moment your hands touch their soft heads, the moment their deep, grateful eyes turn to you with a look of endless hope and trust – you know your heart is theirs forever.

Chocho /now Kevin/ – the three-legged puppy with the softest and sweetest temperament – a creature filled with so much joy it makes you feel ashamed for being in a bad mood. Although a tripod, although homeless and grown up in a shelter Chocho was and still is the most human-loving, life-enthusiastic, full of joy and happiness creature in the Universe.

tracey beasley

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Today our boy is as happy as ever in the arms of his new best friend Tracy Beasley, a relative of the fabulous Lucy who adopted blind Misho and Johnny the giant! Chocho even visited with them for a short while and according to Lucy recognized them immediately, greeting them with a few typical jumps and an enthusiastic “Ooooh, there you are, guys, I was wandering where you were hiding all this time!”


One more disabled boy found a new life with the help of Lucy – it is our Iron Man Riccardo! The lovely boy was left with a permanent disability after a close encounter with a tram.

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The boy is already in his home, and as they have it: “Regal garden tripod is… REGAL!” – not a small compliment, is it!? Riccardo was diligently bitten by envious in-mates before his departure, so there were a lot of worries and complications with his journey and he had to join his lucky group later on. But – with so many fairy-mothers he could not fail and is just where he should be – at his happy new beginning!

Besides the two “eternally ours” tripods, the lovely, the magnificent Dushka /her name means Soul/ is also with her lovely new people! After almost 2 years in the shelter, after recovering from one of the most complicated surgeries – she was shot with a live-cartilage in the thy – Dushka remained a little limpy on her leg and very, very lonely.

dushka dushka5

She spent long months in her outside enclosure that she shared with another dog we all love – Bruce. Today she is by the side of her wonderful family who know her as A Golden Dog!

Ready and steady: Cyril, Strahil, Dudana and blind Barry

Four other lucky dogs are already in the capable hands of Blind Dog Rescue UK – also dogs that have been with us for a long time, but somehow remained totally un-noticed in the shelter’s crowded society.


Cyril will be awaiting his British adopters in January. He came to us some months ago after a car had ran him over at the National Library /thus – his name is Cyril after one of the patron saints of the Bulgarian alphabet – the Cyrilic alphabet/. Thanks to you lovely Cyril was back on his fours in no time to become one of the shelters most loved dogs  – a boy full of gratitude, wits and good will!


Along with him went Strahil /sadly his semi-bold friend Sancho is not ready to go anywhere just yet/ – so smart, so calm, so patient… just the perfect dog. We know for sure he will be rehomed only a few seconds after it is announced that Lord Strahil has no family of his own. We love you, boy!


The lady in this group is a lovely girl who remained invisible for the adopters eyes in two long years at the shelter. The little /she only looks large in photos/ Dudanka came to us along with her whole litter and remained the last one to be un-rehomed. This gentle, hard-working, loving and lovable angel with the sharpest wits has so long deserved the happiness that is coming her way!


And finally – our passenger without a ticket, a guy who was by all means not supposed to be alive today is very much so and we should say – even kicking – it is Barry, the blind hunting dog. Thrown away like trash and far from his original home, Barry was not supposed to live, but the BDR-UK ladies thought the contrary. His case came along at a time when it was absolutely impossible to take him over, it looked like nothing would work out and Barry would be lost forever, but after some serious effort by many serious people Barry is on the Happiness Orbit in defiance of all odds and statistics!

We will miss you!

Чочи Душка

It was not easy to “let go” of dogs we love so much. But we know we have given them to people who will take better care of them than we could provide them here. Just as a memory – Milcho and Emo take their photos with the dogs they have loved most in Bogrov – Chocho and Dushka…

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