Happiness for Batman too!!!

23 December 2013 | Blog

When we met this super-hero at the municipal pound in Seslavtzi it was in the midst of that half-dead summer mood that seems to get nothing done. When we first laid eyes on him he was a step away from despair – broken, confused, and wild with pain. After we asked around it became apparent that his owner had thrown him out of the window, but told the cops the dog jumped by itself. And no, he will not have it back, and yes, summer is a time for beer, not unhappy doggies…


And this is just what we were afraid of when we arrived at the Central Vet Clinic on crazy speed where we were told his surgery will cost the insane 600 BGN. Money that we were totally unsure we would be able to raise in the most un-caring and hot days of the year. Of course, we were wrong, and you did the miracle for Batman just like so many others before and after him. A fact that makes us eternally grateful.

After his long recovery from the complicated surgery and thanks to the great work and effort on d-r Zlatinov’s side, Batman made it, and most unfortunately became yet another regular dog in another regular shelter, like so many others in this world.


But he is not a typical case, the flying boy! Batman was actually very lucky and is now happy in his home with Desislava Grigorova! The clever guy is living his dream life in a house with a yard at Katina village – where our d-r Stankova lives! As she says “we tell each other – good morning – every day, Batman an me!”

Hurray for Batman and all of his guardian-angels!

batman2 batman3

23 December 2013 | Blog

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