What a great response we got in the Reusum Charity campaign! We are now close to 3 000 collected mobile phones – what a success, people! For every old and broken phone the donation is 1 BGN, and the dogs will get more for the newer working models!


We are still collecting, dear friends! One container can only be sold to the recycling company full – this means it must carry 5 000 mobile devices, we have collected nearly 3 000 so far! These are a minimum of 5 000 BGN that will be donated by Reusum for the loan pay-up and a reconstruction at the Farm!

WE THANK YOU, for getting involved, friends! Also tell the people around you – let’s collect any and all mobile phones and do two good things at the same time – keep the environment clean and make the dogs happy!


24 December 2013 | Blog

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