We are moving to the Farm. For now we are fighting with waste haulage, next week we should have the temporary enclosures, the storage is being moved in portions. In this holiday racket (moving might be hard, but we are moving to our own new place, ye-peee!) we are a little surprised that people who know our situation are calling to have us take on new animals. It would be more than irresponsible at this stage, even crazy, if we took on more animals considering the current state of our premises, so we ask for a little understanding.

But who cares about understanding when children are at risk? It seems we have not been able to communicate our message to Mommy Danka at all – seeking a safe shelter to give birth to her babies at, she has wandered up to the shelter a couple of nights ago and given birth to a pile of life and hope in the shape of 200-gram babies in the bushes.

The caring for this litter currently has to be only – good food and short walks for the mother for a month. After that the babies begin to crawl about and it’s time for vaccines.


Danka and her babies have no place with us. In days we are moving to the new location where we will not be able to offer them even the most basic comfort. We beg for your help – mommy Danka and the babies need a temporary shelter in a safe place. If you can and want to give it to them, please call us at 0879 022 673!

22 December 2013 | Blog

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  1. Ivan

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  2. Иван

    1 куче мога да осиновя но нямам ресурси за повече скаипат ми е фрозендд2 на латиница

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