Despite the huge tasks that have overloaded us the last (and forthcoming) months, our main task as always is to make our doggies happy pets. The shelter shutting down (combined with unexpected fails by the Dutch veterinary authorities) put us in the difficult situation to have to look for other destinations for our kids. Finding good homes for homeless dogs is an adventure on its own, but when it comes to animals with permanent disabilities the adventure becomes prolonged and with an uncertain outcome. Today we have good news for two of our “sticky” heroes – the one-eyed staffie Stefan and the chronically-ill sweetheart Wrinkle.


We have seen many creatures moments before The End. Stefan is one of the most memorable and that says a lot. When he arrived at the shelter in the winter cold a year ago it seemed he is at least 100 years old, impossible to rehabilitate, a dead dog walking. But just like the other heroes of his breed Stefan showed us that a strong heart can do anything. He ate and slept and ate and slept, he recovered from his eye-removing surgery until one day he became a good-looking little barrel with a strong spirit and a permanent good mood!

DIGITAL CAMERA stefan predi predi

Seeing what a lovely dog he turned out to be we were fast to imagine an adoptive family picking Stefan up rather quickly. But whether for his missing eye or because there are so many stafies in trouble – Stefan just sat and sat in his cage without a single inquiry. We have to note, though, he never complained one least bit. This semi-prison seemed to him a true salvation from the horrors of the street, which is very kind and thoughtful on his side. He had become great friends with Valya – a girl that missed an eye on the same side as him – everyone was so pleased with their friendship, they really were a sight to see.

DSC04528 stefcho2

In the end – the miracle did happen (as Nadia says – every dog can be found a family, you just need to continue digging) and the genius ladies at Blind Dog Rescue UK found him a foster and planned him for a transport in the end of the summer. We ran all the tests he needed to travel and – OMG! Stefan turned out to have heartworm – an illness treacherous and expensive to treat that could cost him not only a home, but his life for good. It was your magic kindness and help that saved Stefan from the blood-thirsty worms: the money you raised for his treatment came to immediate assistance and Stefan was treated successfully!

стефчо апел

But… in his first English home Stefan began to act like a total idiot. Having his own people, home, sofa and happiness for the first time, he became greedy and began showing-off to the other dog in the family (who was an old lurcher and needed very little “assistance” to move on to greener pastures) so he had to be quickly evacuated before problems began to occur.

Shaking with distress we offered the BDR-UK to take him back. The answer was: “Of course not! He has been through so much hardship, no turning back, we will find a way out of this situation.”

994047_607153612681526_325073126_n 1477461_10152091607769090_1504339931_n

Today Stefan is the little shah in a new, wonderful, caring foster home – he is being a good boy and is better-looking and happier with every hour passed. We know he will only leave this house to go to the most caring and loving family who will love him just the way he is – a ball of enthusiasm and strength, energy and a sharp wit – just like a happy cannon-ball, full of curiosity and lust for life! Congratulations, Stefan! Stay smart, you little fool!!!


Anyone that has visited Bogrov the last one-and-a-half years knows Wrinkle. He was that very friendly dog with the infected skin that would jump about the outside enclosures like a little rabbit when a person would approach. Such a dear, kind, friendly boy, Wrinkle was one of the dogs with least chances of happiness, doomed to a caged life with his ever-sick skin.

krasti 2 krasti 4

Chronic demodecosis is not a dangerous illness, or at least it cannot kill a dog. It can “only” sentence it to a life of loneliness and suffering, because nothing puts off people more than having a mangy animal near. The worst part of it is that shelter life can only make it worst for demodecosis. Dogs with chronic illness need special care in a clean, quiet place where their own happiness would “feed” the broken-down immunity and have, so to speak, love and calmness be the growing grounds of health.

Such is Wrinkle’s life today thanks to Blind Dog Rescue-UK! Take a closer look at the photos from England and the ones from Bulgaria before that – his condition has improved greatly thanks to the care and love he has been getting in abundance. Some of us (and we have taken a vow not to reveal that very shamed person) couldn’t even recognize him and it has only been a month since the BDR-UK have taken him into their capable hands!

wrincle UK wrincle UK2

The Wrinkle is very happy and satisfied with his new British life and sends you his best. He is acting just like he always has – good and learning fast. But what is more important – he is getting healthier with every day passed, thanks to the effort of his great foster-mom, a good life and great food. We can only wish for the same luck to come upon our other chronically-ill misfortunates. Amen!

Special thanks to our friends at the Blind Dog Rescue UK

In the rescue world dogs are not divided by breed, but by being “hard” or “easy”. It depends on many things how a dog is assessed – the size, the color, the age, the temperament, but first of all – on the physical condition of the animal – dogs with permanent disabilities, no matter how sweet they are, find homes the slowest and most difficult of all.

Among the dogs with disabilities there are those who are the “champions of luck-less-ness” – the dogs who have no eyes. Although they are rarely seen in the homes of people, you can find them out in the street – people dump them, because they don’t want to go through the trouble, or worse – are ashamed of owning a blind dog.

In the 3 years we worked in Bogrov many blind dogs have gone through our hands and hearts. The fully blind Cheburashka, Granddad Yotzo, Rex2, Andy /all four of them left without eyes/, Harry, Bob Marley, Misho, Barry, as well as the one-eyed Meteora, Daddy, Stefcho and Valya. All of them /except Bob and the Cheburator/, as well as 3-legged Suzie, toothless Lena, the unwanted giant Johnny, Stefcho, Wrinkle and many more lucky souls we will be telling you about in our blog, have found their happiness thanks to the extraordinary work that the girls at Blind Dog Rescue UK do!


There is much to be said about the happiness they gave to many of our doggies on the eve of our Bogrov evacuation. Today we want to say a huge THANK YOU for the support, for all the “hopeless” dogs they rehomed with great families over the years, for the donations they collected for a new place, for being such lovely people with huge hearts, always ready to help a friend in need.

We wish you happiness and prosperity, dear ladies, we hope the good you have done for our dogs comes back to you many times in life, we are very proud and happy to be working with you, hats off to your gigantic efforts and successes!

21 December 2013 | Blog

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