We are very excited to announce that Sofia’s largest pet store Pets&U has begun a campaign to help the homeless animals in this city!

Да-помогнем-заедно kucheshkiyat-mol-pets-u-otvori-vrati-v-sofiya

The wonderful team behind the store has developed a truly effective fundraising scheme to aid the work of Animal Rescue Sofia and 4 Paws!

During the whole of December brands Brit and Royal Canin will be sold with a 15 and 10% donation benefiting one of the two organizations (the buyer makes the decision)!

Besides this serious financial support, an amazing event is about to take place for the first time in Bulgaria:

Instead of piling up blood money from the “children” of the dirty animal-trade Pets&U are giving a chance to the orphans of our shelter – helping them meet their new people in the Sofia city center!

Each weekend puppies from our shelter will be waiting for you at Pets&U! We start this week December 14+15!

Donate whilst feeding your best friend quality food!

During the whole of December you can purchase dog food and thus help our work financially!

When purchasing foods of the brand Brit *adult, 10-25kg* you donate:

  • 15 BGN of the 20 kilo bags (cost: 60 BGN)!
  • 5 BGN of the 3 kilo bags (cost: 15 BGN)!
  • 2 BGN of the 1 kilo bags (cost: 6,50 BGN)!

When purchasing foods of the brand Royal Canin *all kinds and packages* you donate:

  • 10% of the cost of your purchase!!!

The initiative will continue on in 2014 with different brands showing their support every month!
By buying these foods you are feeding both your and a homeless dog at the same time!



10 of the largest bags of “our” Brit were purchased at Pets&U by a generous lady (who preferred to remain anonymous) last weekend! But that is not all – she donated all 10 bags for the hungry throats at the shelter!!  We are truly grateful to everyone who is helping us out by shopping at Pets&U!!!

Adoption weekends at Pets&U!

We all know what a horrible, bloody business hides behind the sweet faces of the puppies and kittens that look at us from the pet-shop windows. The horrible conditions in which the dogs and cats for trade are bred and raised are the reason we never work with, nor shop from live-animal salespeople. We greatly respect the decision of Pets&U to never sell live kittens and puppies, no matter how luring they are for the customers.

What is more: Pets&U is giving a chance for the unwanted babies of the shelter to reach their families more easily! By smiling at the passers-by from the window of their store by Hemus hotel!

You are welcome to meet angels from our shelter at Pets&U this very weekend!
This is how things will go:

Our dogs will await their candidates at Pets&U on Saturday. There will be a shelter representative present to carry on the interviews and fill out some forms. At the end of the day or the next morning the approved candidates will receive a call from us to come adopt their new pal and fill-out a contract. The third obligatory meeting between us and the adopters will take place at their home or in the shelter (it’s an open choice).

Lisa and Kally were the first lucky ladies to go home thanks to the great initiative by the awesome people at Pets&U!

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(We are far behind on the happy stories of the dogs rehomed, but we hope to get your understanding considering all that is happening these days – we promise to make it up to you!)

The angels this weekend – 21-22.12.2013

Punktchen and Anton came to us along with 5 of their brothers and sisters. Kind people had taken care that they arrive at the shelter vaccinated and safe from illness, but they had unfortunately forgotten one thing just as important – to socialize them. The whole litter was terrified of people and most definitely didn’t want to have anything to do with us.

We put them in the first compartment of our Babytory and began working with them – every visitor at the shelter was forced to firs feed the babies snacks before any tasks were done. Vessy spent long, long days of talking, petting, hugging, feeding and all in all convincing this dear family that we come in peace and are more specifically their best friends. And since Vessy can be rather convincing the little puppies only put up a fight for a couple of months and then gave in to her charms.


Now the whole group would jump up as a string when a person is in sight! True – they expect every hand that is reaching out should be filled with treats, but what an enthusiasm, what a hope for the human kind! Balance has been completely restored in their hearts and our little heroes are no longer the poor shivering mice they were once, they are happy, smiling youngsters that would like nothing more than to go home.

Punktchen and Anton were born in May – they are about 6-7 months old. Both are completely healthy and have their vaccines, passports and neuterings done. They are really sunny creatures who will grow strong and happy in their new homes! The kids are waiting for you this weekend at Pets&U!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-ladies are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK


We thank Pets&U for this incredible support and their principle position on the welfare of all animals!

We thank you all for reading and hopefully sharing this initiative so it can reach a maximum number of people!

19 December 2013 | News, Pets&U News

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