Just before the holidays some of our beloved cats found their forever homes where they will be loved and adored.


The first good news is about Shelly. Do you remember the cute Persian kitty that was abandoned by his owners? His (yes, we only realized it is a male kitten when the time came to neuter him…) story was a bit different from most of the cases of abundant cats. He was left alone by his owners in an empty apartment for weeks without food and water. Only Shelly knows how he has survived the rough conditions. Eventually he had to jump out of the window and do his best to survive in the street. Shelly survived the jump out of the window and he managed to live for some time in the streets, however, his big fur was not an advantage for the hard life of a homeless cat. His fur got so dirty and tangled that it created a nest for flies and caused a skin infection on his leg. Thanks to all of you who donated the money for his treatment, Shelly spent weeks in the clinic where doctors did their best to heal his skin. A few weeks ago Shelly was ready for adoption. It was really hard to choose the right family for the little one, because there were many families that wanted to become his home. Shelly is now adopted by Dessimira. He lives with another cat, Jujo and as you can see from the pictures, Shelly is a very happy and loved kitty. Congratulations to the whole family for their new member, Shelly.

sheli8 Shelly

Hi Tedy, Today is a special date for us and Shelly. He wanted to tell the special story himself. This is from Shelly:

Tarram-tarram! Today is a special day for me! It is exactly one month since I live with Dessi and her parents! If you could only see how much food I eat! I have a friend that is like a big brother to me – Jujo. He is very nice to me and we play together all day long when we are home alone during the day. I am still a bit shy and avoid being cared and petted. However, people are so nice to me that I trust them more and more. You can see it in the pictures. Thank you all, wonderful people, for the shelter that cared so well for me. And to you, Tedy! I sent you kisses and please, don’t forget me!”


Sivi grabbed the heart of his new owner Vallentina! It is said that he is “the calmest cat in the world”!

sivi 4 sivi5

The handsome guy has lost his previous owner and was left back to his rescuers who were caring for him years ago. She wrote to us and the same day we announced Sivi for adoption. Now the big boy is happy in his new warm and cozy home and he is sending to all of you purring greetings for the holidays.


Adriana Adriana1 Adriana1a

The beautiful Adriana was waiting for months for her people. As it turns out, she will not wait any longer because her foster family cannot imagine their life without her. The beautiful gorgeous cat is purring, playing and enjoying her life in her home where she belongs to.


Nathan, the handsome, charming and outstanding cat grabbed the hearts of many of you. It was really difficult to choose his family but finally we did choose Tatiana. He feels greeted in his new home with the company of a beautiful Persian kitty Lissa.

Nathan nathan1

The moment our vet d-r Stankova got a hold of Nathan she felt a little lump in his leg that turned out to be a bird-pellet. The operation to remove it was performed straight away and Nathan went home with brand new and very pleased!

8 cats left Bulgaria  for happy life in Germany!

Aro and Leo 2jpg aro i leo

The two cute little brothers Aro and Leo are now playing, purring and enjoying their time in Germany. Their brother and sister were adopted in Bulgaria, but the faith had other plans for the cuties. Everyone there loves them.

Jessy (1) Sesslava

Jessy and Sesslava-Mia are also adored in Germany! They feel great and loved just as it is meant to be.

Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara (3) Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara (4)

Two sets of sisters are playing and having fun in Germany as well. Milla and Maya and Mara and Kisha are 4 beautiful cats that will find their happiness and loving homes in Germany.

Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara (1) Milla, Maya, Kisha and Mara

Look how gorgeous they look in the pictures sent by their foster home in Germany!

Guardian’s work

Avion-1 Kimba

Kimba and Avion found wonderful families thanks to their guardians that never stopped looking for the best adopters for them! We always advise the rescuers of cats and dogs to be very determined and creative in posting messages and ads for the animals that are looking for home. The more the better… The happy ending depends on you.

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