Finding good owners for homeless dogs is not the easiest task in the world. Sometimes you are incredibly lucky and you cannot believe the luck that a dog has had, spending very little time at the shelter and finding a lovely new family to love forever. But more often than that you sit and wander – how is it possible that such a wonderful dog cannot find a home for so long!? Harry and Nira are the both dogs who have lived more than 2 years with us, both have good characters, both wanted nothing more than an opportunity to love and be loved. Today, with great pleasure, we announce that both have finally received it!!!


Everyone has their moments of bad luck, but Harry turned it into an Olympic sport. Two years in a row – 2011 and 2012 Harry won the “Jinx of the year” title at the shelter. Without one single inquiry from local adopters and with 7 (seven!) failed attempts to travel to new owners Harry was about to “win” the title for a third year in a row, but… not this time!

haralampi 1 haralampi 3

Here is how he came to live with us: we were in Ovcha Kupel looking for a dog that was ran over by a car. But during the whole racket someone had left the car door open, so when we came back to it, we found a very sweet brindle little boy sitting on the back seat of the car and smiling at us. He was so sure that he has to come back with us that we couldn’t refuse. There was no way this guy would have trouble being rehomed, right!? People like small enthusiasts, right!? Nothing of the sort…

To make a long story short, today, thanks to the AAFA mister Haralampy (now only Harry) is happy and spoiled in his new English environment, having a great time on walks, running about the yard, getting spoiled and snoozing on beds and sofas! HURRAY!!!

harry1 harry2 harry3


Miss Nira came to the shelter as a tiny baby, along with her mother Naomi and a whole litter of little cuties. As the time passed we managed to find homes for all of them, even mommy (Naomi now lives happily with A.Jonev), but Nira had no luck. It turned out she has a mild form of hip dysplasia – that wouldn’t be a problem if she were a pet, but in the cold winter shelter with its concrete floors – Nira would always limp. The first winter she found some wonderful foster parents who did what they could to keep her pain-free, but the girl suffered separation anxiety and quickly came back to us.

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You can imagine that the sentence “Hi, I have this great dogs that happens to have a little hip dysplasia and is kind of a tyrannosaur when left alone, do you want it?” gets no positive replies. Not even one in over 2 and a half years. But since we are telling this story you have already guessed – Nira is on the fast track to happiness – her life started anew!

We have K9Rescue to thank for the new beginning Nira got! She is already with them, although she doesn’t yet have a new family, she has her own warm room to spend the winter nights in comfort and coziness and plays all day long in the yard with all her great buddies, waiting for her new British family to show up an look for her! She has become much more calm and content, and she is probably no longer so afraid of being alone, but still – our colleagues will only rehome her to a family where  she will never be alone and miserable!! Good luck, girlie!!!

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