Jack-Russels to the rescue

02 December 2013 | Blog

Most cynological clubs consider our sort of animals as “second grade” dogs. They seem to be forgetting a fact – when they are wrong about the buyer, we are the ones fixing their mistake – may it be a dumped dog, a lost dog or an un-registered litter.
For that reason we are very fond of the clubs that don’t think in this way and support us.


A warm thank-you to the “Jack Russel Terrier Club of Bulgaria” for thinking of us at their regular meeting and emptying their pockets for the dogs in need. A nice walk in the park and 110BGN raised for the homeless dogs!  Of course, we must thank Vlado Ignatov, who organized our lovely party at Mixtape5, for reminding his breed-buddies to donate!

And hopefully, the Jack-Russels will talk some sense into the heads and hearts of people at other breed clubs – that the love for dogs should not be only for the pure-breds. Just as we do not discriminate the dogs in need that have a breed to swear by…

02 December 2013 | Blog

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