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If anyone had truly loved him, maybe he wouldn’t have ended up in the street – punished for a bold back. He wouldn’t spend his days trying to get very person he meets to like him – jumping and being an acrobat, licking hands and if none of that helps – by looking at you in a way that makes your heart skip a beat – shy and friendly at the same time.

We called him Barnie, because he is small and kind and always has a smile on his face. With his massive 5 kilograms he can easily fit in any human lap.

Barnie is a very young boy, he could have had a whole world ahead of him, a world full of adventures. He could be handed over from a hug to the next by the volunteers, just waiting for his new person to show up. He is such a cheerful fellow nothing can bring him down. And why should it, he is one of those dogs that see the plate half-full…

…The only sad thing remaining is his poor hearts knowledge of the fact he is not loved by anyone. No one wants him in their home.


It is too late to dream of warm evenings at home, cuddled up next to his people. It is too late to imagine a little winter coat and a walk in the park. Because Barnie has cancer. His enthusiasm will fade month after month after month and he will not know why the other dogs are chosen and go home whilst he is left alone in his cage. He will try to jump higher and lick people’s hands even more enthusiastically, but whatever he does – he will lie down in his little bed all alone in the evening. He will wander what he did wrong to deserve this. He will do his best to climb in someone’s lap begging for love with his smiley eyes. And in a year or two – he will die. His story will be yet another one of a dog unloved and unwanted, that died without ever truly living.

But what if we are wrong? What if little Barnie has someone out there waiting for him? This person could exist – someone who’s pain of losing Barnie will be an ounce smaller than the joy of giving him a happy life, someone who would not think skin cancer is disgusting. This person would feel with all their heart that Barnie shouldn’t spend his last days in this world alone…

Where are you, Bernie’s friend? He is waiting for you, all his love and gratitude packed. He is waiting every single moment. Where are you?

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19 November 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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    I have sent an email to Stella saying will help towards his fare and fostering fees if you can get him over here.

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