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A stunning total of 8816 BGN were raised for a new shelter by the fairies of Karnigradska street – Marinella Zakaryan (Paradise Garage) and Rayna Kosovska (MUSE shop)!


The boutique put together the charitable work and kind hearts of the incredibly talented: Kalina Chankova from Kliuch shop, VЯRA, Papieta, Mira Jambazka – MODO, Vyara Tzeneva Jewellery, abina Petrakieva, Ogledaltse Ogledaltse, Vintage Sofia, Blagorodna Georgieva, 46pinkBerlin, Lucy Dyakovska and Kamelia Veselinova, Mbg FashionStudio, Ma cherie – la fee boutique, Sylvia Philipova, Inga Ilieva, Rayna Kosovska and Irena Christova! THANK YOU LADIES! Your work is breathtaking!!!

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In harmony with the great beauty of the specially made items –t-shirts, scarfs, dresses, skirts, earrings, necklaces, and all sorts of lovely hand-made accessories – the event had a huge success! So far, this is the most successful fund-raising campaign dedicated to the Animal Rescue Sofia dogs. The funds are already stored safely in the new shelter bank-account:

1396486_10202486758871111_1489759434_n 1474861_10202486758991114_467326712_n

Click HERE for more lovely photos.

WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS – everyone that was a part of this amazing day! We hope to see you again soon before the year is ended, so we can once more be a voice for our silent best friends!

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Paradise Garage will continue to raise funds for the ARS shelter – you will find lovely stuff that hasn’t found a new owner on Saturday, as well as our brand new calendars and a donation box. Make sure you pass through soon, you will find something you LOVE, that we can guarantee!

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– – – – – – – – – – –

It will be a unique day at the corner of Tzar Asen and Karnigradska – the lovely ladies of Paradise Boutique and the MUSE SHOP right next to it have collected a ton of fabulous apparel and accessories that will be sold to the benefit of Animal Rescue Sofia!

The most prominent and talented new Bulgarian designers will be guests at Paradise Garage: Rayna Kosovska, Kalina Chankova, VЯRA, MbgFashionStudio, MODO, Vyara Tzeneva Jewellery, Sabina Petrakieva, the German label 4pinkBerlin and many others!

The event begins at 12:00 and will go on till 20:00!

SIGN UP AS A GUEST ON FACEBOOK and see more beautiful stuff that is looking for a new owner this Saturday!

14140_471068043008050_1430517273_n 554139_605531209508703_2081716342_n 1395334_605087036219787_300941929_n

It will be a day to remember, friends!
Come, and ask your people to come along – as long as they like beautiful stuff and love dogs – thety are very welcome. Let’s all come together and give the dogs of Sofia a true Shelter, where good things happen to them, on the way home!

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20 November 2013 | News

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