Here is the living proof of a great Bulgarian saying “every evil that comes is for the best”. It has now been over a year since Rex the husky came to us out of the blue. It was one sickness-surgery nightmare for all involved.


And when the surgeries were finally through and successful – BOOM – a food allergy. The amount of rice we fed this poor boy actually made him look just a little bit Chinese. When we finally got it under control – WHAM – he got hemorrhoids. Not a pain to die from, but it makes it kind of hard to find someone willing to have his pooping dog scream all over the park every day…

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This situation didn’t disturb Rex one least bit. After all – anything is better than the hen house he used to inhabit before the shelter. Walks in the field every day, games with his best buddy Lilly and not a single f**c about anything else – Rex felt this was a great way to spend your days on Earth. Meanwhile a worry was eating us up on the inside – that we might not make it with Rex. There’s not a single dog-person in Europe who hasn’t been informed about Rex’s hemorrhoid issue. And then, suddenly as… hm-m, something very sudden, suddenly as that came Birgit. Birgit the husky power!


There lived in Germany a lady, who loves Northern dogs and cares for some of them at her amazing farm. Some are rehomed with good people, others stay with her and run about the farm just as this type of dogs need it. So, this wonderful lady decided that she wants to take our little singer – Rex. And even better, along with a Northern friend. And why not, since we are already making the trip to her, add another couple – Rex & his friend for Birgit and two more souls for rehoming.

Having Caprice and Christo in our shelter we didn’t have to wander for long. But how to find Rex a blue-eyed friend, when his heart was loyal to Lilly and no one else?
And what would Lilly do without her best pal?
(Stay put for the final sequence where the mystery is revealed)

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Ladies and Gentlemen!
It is our pleasure to officially announce, that: in a German farm, with one amazing Birgit, there are 4 of our little monkeys safe, sound and happy – Rex and his friend, Christo and Caprice! And whom might this mysterious friend of Rex be, you will ask (or not ask, but you should, that makes it more dramatic)? Well, Lilly of course!
Although absolutely of NON-Nordic decent (make that a Southern blood to be exact), Birgit has felt no prejudice on inter-racial marriage and adopted them both together!

And here we are today, hearing news about great big holes being dug up about Germany, Rex and Lilly running and having fun like they ought to!

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Thank you Birgit! Good luck with rehoming Christo and Caprice and congratulations on your two new dogs – Rex and Lilly!

Of course, congratulations to all of us and the 4 heroes! Venceremos!

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P.S. In case you are wandering, yes, this is the same miracle-making Birgit that adopted poor Mecho and Missy – two dogs from Sofia that a monster tried to kill by pouring acid in their ears.

13 November 2013 | Blog

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