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10 November 2013 | News

“True friends are not those who stand by you when it is time to laugh, they are the people who will be by your side when you are weeping”

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You could say that in the last few difficult months each of us has felt lost, and not once, many times. Every single one of us has tossed and turned at night, uneasy with questions “What should we do?”, “Maybe we should just quit?”, “Why do these people hate us?”, “Is there any point to this never-ending struggle?”…

And this is how you, dearest adopters, answered us. This is how you managed to wipe away all doubt from our minds – by coming and not only showing your support, but also bringing along the real reason that makes it all worthwhile.

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Counting the dogs rehomed is one thing. But it’s a whole other story to see 150 of them in one place with their owners by their side. It is not likely that we would be able to put the feelings of our hearts into words and describe the feelings this meeting provoked. The happy, well cared for and greatly loved dogs speak louder than any words could do.
They seem to be our dogs, but are not anymore. They seem to be the same, but are completely different.


Seeing Jack, who got his first real hug at 7 years of age giving a high-five to Nadia – heart-melting! Seeing him lean on his master’s leg just to make sure his adoption was not just a dream – priceless!
The hug Zoran gave to Vessy when he met her is nothing in comparison to the little kiss he gave his master’s hand.
Are those two happy huskies pulling a bike really Bea and Dante? Weren’t they just two skinny, dirty, sad dogs that were left outside to die?
Could the little meatball running to greet us on three legs really be Santra who never looked up and shied away?
Three-legged Lynda that we rehomed over 3 years ago!?
Doncho, who looked like the walking dead???
Is this lovely Labrador really our blind Aura?
And Eezzy, Tascha, Bonnie, and so many dogs that left our shelter as little pups and are now huge lovable pets?
Dogs that have left us so long ago, that it seems like decades have passed…

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Oh, we can  continue this all day. Each of us, dearest friends, every smiling couple – dog and master gave us our faith back and reminded us why it all makes sense. No matter that some media called this “a protest”. No matter that most comments under the reports are full of hatred as usual. No matter. The only important thing today is… you. You and your four (or three) legged friends. We thank you from all our hearts! We thank you for the support, for donating 610 BGN! We thank you for coming! But most of all we are grateful to you for standing by us and giving us the courage to go on!


10 November 2013 | News

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