Dear friends of the dogs,
thanks to your incredible support the match-giving fundraiser with 60K International Call Centers has ended with a grand success!!!

(Please note that our “money-meter” calculates the funds in Euros, that makes: E 20 228!)

So, this makes our total results up to December 09: 172 935 Euros for the Farm where we can continue to work for the beasts in need, dear friends!!!

You have been absolutely incredible!!! THANK YOU for donating so generously!!! We thank the amazing people behind 60K both for donating and the brilliant idea! You really are guardian-angels!!!

Dear friends of the dogs,

our prayers have been answered. On the day of St. Michael – first among the angels, Animal Rescue Sofia and 60K invite you to take part in an extraordinary event – where there was 1 lev, there will be two.


The miracle

Have you ever heard of “Matched Giving”? Although it is very popular abroad, here in Bulgaria where Charity id only beginning to evolve, this method of raising donation has not become familiar yet.

The concept of Matched giving is simple: there is a Sponsor Company and many smaller Donors. The Sponsor Company agrees to double every lev donated on a certain account. This way, if you were to donate 10 leva, the Sponsor Company donates 10 more and the supported cause receives a total amount of 20 BGN.

Here is our little miracle:
The amazing team of 60K – one of the leading contact centers in Bulgaria – will support our joint effort by donating through a Match Giving campaign!

60K will DOUBLE every lev donated for a new Animal Rescue Sofia shelter at the campaign bank-account.


What does this mean? It’s simple: each lev you donate on this bank account will get a buddy lev donated by the people of 60K! We will raise X amount of money and 60K will change the equation to X.2 for the homeless animals in our city!

The initiative starts today and will be active for up to a month, depending on it’s success.

Become an angel

You too can be a guardian angel! You can donate and let your donation be doubled by 60K using the following account:

ProCredit Bank, 26 Todor Alexandrov blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria
IBAN: BG16PRCB92301033111022

Each lev that you donate on this account will be doubled by 60K!

Please note that only donations received at this bank account will be doubled!


60K is one of the leading contact centers in Bulgaria, working with clients on 27 languages from all over the world: e-commerce, telecommunications, IT and software developers, entertainment, leisure and travel, finance and insurance, research and etc.

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The company has over 600 young, talented employees who enjoy they work. They are the people who decided to support us in the effort of building a new home and future for hundreds of dogs.

60K on Facebook


Dear friends, even if you are unable to donate a modest sum to the bank account that 60K will double, we ask you:
please, share this idea with your friends and online, help this wonderful initiative reach a maximum number of people!!!


Our HUGE appreciation to 60K for their generosity! We can only hope that more companies would follow their example and be socially responsible and engaged with the most pressing issues of our huge city.
From the thousands of dogs we have not yet been able to help to all of you that will join this campaign – a bow and countless tails wagging!

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*MIRACLE – noun: 1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause; 2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God; 3. a wonder; marvel.

**ANGEL – noun: a person who performs a mission of God or acts as if sent by God.

***ARCHANGEL – noun: chief or principal angel.

08 November 2013 | News

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    Здравейте! Тази инициатива валидна ли е още? Моля напишете датата, до която преведените по тази сметка средства ще се удвояват. Благодаря!

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