Huge thanks to the teachers and students at the Anglo-American School in Sofia for their help. 1000 BGN more for our dogs were collected these past few months by the kids at the school!


Stella went to meet the kids along with two of our most prominent good-will ambassadors – Grado & Penny – the poodles. They are often helping out the poor souls at the Bogrov shelter, making it possible to talk both to people who like and dislike dogs.

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One of the many fabulous fund-raising ideas that the AAS teachers put to work is the so-called “Stotinki Wars”. A few big jars are divided between the classes – each one is labeled. Then, each class is encouraged to put stotinki into the jars of the other classes, the goal being that your class should have the least possible amount of donations. The emptiest jar wins – a brilliant idea!

We are grateful to the wonderful staff at the AAS-Sofia for making sure their pupils grow up to be reasonable, compassionate and responsible people.


29 October 2013 | News

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