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01 November 2013 | Blog

A letter from Nicolay


A year has gone by in a blink since we first met our boys. We are used to living together and have our daily routine life. Maybe you will remember that we found Zhoro 2 years old in Cage 1 – good-looking, curly-tailed and always ready to play. He had no idea how to climb stairs, what a car is and why people live in boxes. Then, we still didn’t know what an amazing kind heart this lovely black boy has. Today – either walking or out in the car, we can recognize the Zhoro in many different homeless souls. Our hearts shrug with the thought of the difficult lives these angels must endure… how little other people know of them.

A few weeks after we took Zhoro, life put Kiro on our path. He still had his puppy teeth and was just coming out of sedation for his broken leg when we first met him at the clinic in the Bogrov shelter. We were coming for the Sunday walk and when we saw him – it was like a little miracle. In a fraction of the second his yellow eyes caught us off guard and we didn’t even ask ourselves if we have the strength to care for two dogs in life. After that was taken care of – everything went on as it should. As a naturally-born hunter, Kiro quickly showed his interests in everything that flies. He started to stand in a hunting-posture, sniff the air with his ears up and many other hunting tricks no one has ever shown him. And just a few quick words to the person who abandoned this puppy: You should regret this deeply, buddy! The yellow-eyed hunter is not only born for game, but also very clever and quick. He would have been the perfect hunting dog, but – it was never meant to be. As a reminder of all he went through Kiro now has a small scar on his leg – nothing else.


If you ask Zhoro, he’d probably tell you Kiro is one total nut – a creature that needs constant parental guidance. When the two first met his response was something like “you look like a total wuss” and a quick retreat to the couch where a spot had to be guarded. Despite all the class-differences between the two, the boys quickly developed a language of their own and became great friends.

Zhoro is not an artistic fellow. He is the dream-dog of anyone in their late 40-ties. Calm, well behaved and very clever, he is the perfect friend. He somehow became the big man when his silly small brother came along. He became somehow shinier, but also began to look smaller than his accelerated “little” brother. Still – he will always be the older one! It has happened that some buddies have gone over the line when they were wrestling with Kiro. Then, the dark gentleman would drop whatever he is doing and come to the rescue! He is like the Dark Lord when on a mission – nothing can stop him and he never makes a step back. He has even jumped a dogo argentino three times his size, thank goodness he is so convincing he has not ever been bitten whilst intimidating other dogs. But don’t you ever for a moment thing these two are perfect. They have their bad moments too, and an occasional ear munch happens from time-to-time. But they are never alone when they are at home and they don’t need any other dogs in the park to have a good time.

Yeap, it was all a big thing for us! The oldest in our pack had to get in a better physical shape – 4-5 kilometers of walking is a must every day. Health, less stress, a more positive outlook – these are all the results of a fine, long walk. The young people in our group became more responsible and caring – what could be better? And the youngest – Zhoro and Kiro – well, they are always amazing! They bring us joy every single moment we are together. The whole gang sends you our best regards and hope to see you move to a new place soon!

01 November 2013 | Blog

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