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Thank you once again for your help, dear friends! All the dogs you see here have found their caring sponsors and will get the best help possible! Fingers crossed that there are more good than bad news for the lot.

Another month passed and we haven’t admitted new animals for a permanent stay at our shelter, but urgencies will be urgent, so our clinic hasn’t stopped working for the homeless dogs of our city every single day. These are the most important cases of the weeks passed, we really hope you will be able to help us finish the treatments of a few dearly loved babies as well as two new souls – a sad granny and a lovely Conrad, both of which wouldn’t be living today if we had denied them help…



We start with a moment of silence for a lovely, smart, kind creature that we were unable to save. He came to us on suspicion of a heavy pneumonia. We started him on antibiotics and infusions straight away and it seemed like he looked better right away – everything seemed to be going predictably in the right direction. When we came to work on the following morning, he was gone. Sadly, this magnificent friend was poisoned and the noise in his lung were his body’s last efforts to fight off the poison… Rest in peace, dear angel, please, forgive us for not being able to help you…

The newly-manged

IMGP7189 IMGP7352

Adina is a hound-mix we took in for treatment – she has the demodex mange. She is very lucky to have people waiting for her when we are done with the treatment. Adina is a great dog – very sweet, about 5 years old – smart and good. We hope to quickly repair her and get her outer appearance in harmony with her inner glow.


The old female with mange must be at least 101 years old. She is someone’s tortured old dog, dumped heartlessly in a horrible condition: very weak, very thin and with a bad mange. Someone had dumped her on the road and she was walking slowly to Nowhere when we found her. She is now being fed and treated. Besides the usual stuff for her pains, she is also getting d-r Stankova’s magic potion – a creepy cream containing stuff that is bad for the mange and good for the skin that has helped many naked souls get their fluffy cover back.

IMGP7230 IMGP7232

For the newly-manged we ask for your help: we need more of our precious Ivermectine (the drug that treats mange), it costs 28BGN. And if anyone would be willing to donate some Omega 3 acid supplements to Granny, she would be greatly obliged.

Needing check-ups at the Central Vet Clinic

DSC_8190 DSC_8193

Brave boy Martin is in a difficult situation after his successful surgery. The healthy leg he has left in front has been taking all the weight of the operated one and is becoming crooked. We need to make x-rays and consult a good orthopeditian to figure out what we can do about this.

_VLA5911 IMGP9435

You may not know DiCaprio unless you’ve been at the shelter or read our dog-adds. He came to us through the Municipal catchers – ill with distemper which has left a small tick on his front paw. Now he has started to limp a little bit with the other front leg and we need to have him x-rayed and see what’s going on there.

_VLA5932 IMGP9465

The situation is similar with Bay too. She is a small little lady that was dumped in front of the shelter a while ago. Unfortunately she has problems with both her front legs, so we need to have her checked by a good vet who will need at least 2 x-rays on both legs.

Kalina2 snejina

Other than these, we have Snezhina and Kalina to visit their surgeon for a follow-up. We are only waiting for d-r Zlatinov to return and hope to be able to bring them to him.

The check-ups and x-rays of our lads and lasses will cost the total of: 5х20 + 10х15 = 250BGN

The guilty

IMGP7193 IMGP7202

Conrad (new life- new name) is a boy of 1,5 years. We were called by people in a village not far from us where a dog had been tied outside the house without food or water, being beat up very aggressively by the owner who wanted “to get rid of it”. The dog itself was described as angry and dis-trustful. But when Polly and Kremi went there to pick him up the clever guy quickly figured they mean him no harm he quickly relaxed. He was very nervous the first 2 days – jumped up in fear every time someone raised their hand around him and he was very hard to be touched on the head, but he is a totally different dog now!

On the first photos you can see him right after we took him, he was constantly trying to hide under the doctors working table. He was very hungry, the bones are nearly protruding from his skin, but you can’t see it on a picture, because he is black. His eye has leaked, his ears all torn and scarred and it’s no wander he didn’t let us touch his head – he has holes in his scull that can only come from a very severe beating.


As far as we were able to understand, Conrad’s only “crime” was his crazy appetite for chickens and ducks – what a surprise in a hunting breed. Now we need to get him to put on some weight in order to be able to operate his eye. We will be doing an expertise on his condition, to bring his sweet owner at least a visit from the local police.

To have Conrad’s head x-rayed and take him to a neurologist we need: 75 BGN

How you can help

These brothers in arms deserve a second chance and will be loved one day. Only now, they are in the worst part of their fairy-tale, the most difficult one where a magical friend is needed to make things right. And for that – they only have you to depend on, dear friends.

The Bill:

Check-ups  250
Conrad         75
Granny         28

If you decide to donate for one of these angels CLICK HERE – you can donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia

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