The adopters of Dante&Bea – two huskies from our shelter – invented a wonderful idea to celebrate 1 year since their best friends left Bogrov – a charity party! Flavio and Elena invited the friends of Bea, Dante and Animal Rescue Sofia to a fund-raising celebration in the dog park. The results are 3 times better than anticipated – the guests donated over one thousand leva!!!

We are very grateful to their great team and to everyone who came to give what they can – our dogs are lucky to have so many good friends!

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The event photos are HERE.

This is what Elena has to say about her life with Bea and Dante, two crazy huskies she and her partner Flavio adopted on October 24 back in 2012:




it has been a year since Bea and Dante came to us. A little after we adopted them we wrote to tell you how well we are doing and throughout the year you could see them at work – mushing and bikejoring.

I want to tell you a little more about the way this year passed. Maybe it was because they lived in the same cage when you had them, but they quickly became great friends. At first they even slept in the very same posture. Both are very loving, although Bea needed some time to start trusting us. She is distant with strangers, whilst Dante will do anything to get some love out of anyone. He will lay flat on his back to make the point if he must.


The two have very different temperaments. Dante is the most obedient of dogs when we’re home, but turns on a deaf ear from time to time when we are out walking. Bea is exactly the opposite – the trash is always at stake when she is near, as well as anything on the table, but when we are outside she is never far from us. To our great luck you introduced us to Sasho the trainer right away and he helped us a lot to deal with some critical situations – Bea’s little home destruct ions and Dante’s escape routine.

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I want to tell you more about the past months – our family lived through a very hard time and Flavio had to stay in the hospital. When he returned we both worried that the dogs’enthusiasm to see him back will be risky to his many injuries, but we were wrong. It was like they knew he was badly hit on the right side and always approached him from the left with the gentlest moves possible.  There wasn’t even a single wild jump on him, unlike any other time, they never jumped on top of him like they used to when he lay down on the couch. Dante was so funny – he would come for a doctor’s visit and spend long hours in gently licking the fingers of Flavio’s badly hurt hand. It was Bea’s task to protect him and didn’t leave Flavio’s side for a moment until she decided he is well enough to make it on his own.


We thank you once again for taking care of these wonderful dogs until we came to find them at the shelter. We can no longer imagine our lives without them. They are so lively, loving and good that they give us a meaning to life in the hard days when it is not easy to find it.

Elena (and Flavio, Dante and Bea)


The generous donation made by the friends of Bea and Dante was sent to the new shelter’s bank account on the very next day – to be a warm reminder  for all our calculating hearts that cannot stop figuring out ways to raise funds and buy a new building for our shelter to keep working. Venceremos, dear friends, we will make it!

26 October 2013 | Blog

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