They say that the state of existence makes up the mind. But we think that a position in life is something more than just a reflection of the daily struggles, it is a choice as well. Just as we have seen people with barely any resources turn the world around to do something for someone; we’ve also seen people who have all the money in the world and would never move a finger for anyone.

They also say that Good never dies. We have no choice, but to hope that it’s true, because otherwise the pain would be unbearable.

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This summer a sunny girl became a distant star. 25-year old Stanislava Asenova, or just Sunny, was killed by a drunk driver in the street. She is no longer here to shine her smile and enthusiasm on us.

But Sunny’s family doesn’t want (and shouldn’t) to say goodbye forever. They are firmly decided to continue her optimism and kindness, using the horrible tragedy to make something good out of it, something kind, something that will last, something their kind daughter, sister, friend would have liked…

The sunny people came to us at the end of the summer. They walked the dogs, gave them many hugs from Sunny, brought food for the babies and… left 1020BGN for them. We were astounded. Not because we don’t think the Good are among us. But because we had never met people who could turn their grief into something positive, not pile up anger and aggression as most of us would do. They want to do good in the name of their dear girl.


It was the end of the summer when they came and we still had many uncertainties ahead of us. Half of the donation was given to d-r Ilieva – to buy medicines for our clinic, the other half was put away “for the shelter”. Now that our fundraising campaign has begun the second half of Sunny’s donation for our doggies has been transferred to the account of “the new place”. We know her good energy will help us, just like she did herself.

We love Sunny” is an initiative that wants to bring more Good into this world. We thank Sunny’s family and all her friends for their kind help. We thank them because they remind us how little is certain in this word and how much we can do for the others if we don’t close our eyes and hearts to their needs.


It is another sunny day today!

03 October 2013 | News

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