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24 September 2013 | Adopted, Blog

Джема 1jpg

Jemma is a wonderful young cat, who was lucky that Lily found her. The beautiful cat has grabbed the attention of her foster mom with her unique eyes and with the fact that she was pregnant. Lily took the young cat to the veterinarian clinic and before one knew it, she got in labor and that was how in the world arrived 4 tiny babies.


Hugo and Asha are two of the babies of Jemma. They are looking for homes.

Хуго 1

Hugo is the biggest in the litter and it seems that he will have long fur. He is very active, almost a trouble-maker with his braveness and curiosity. He doesn’t know rest.

Аша 1

Asha is the princess in the litter. She is very sociable, playful and beautiful.

Both babies are vaccinated, dewormed, and healthy. We are looking for the best forever homes. Jemma is a wonderful and graceful young cat that has the unique talent to give joy and happiness to the people around her.

Harvey and Reagan 2 Harvey and Reagan 3

P1100056 Reagan 2 Харви

Harvey 1 Харви и Рейгън

Reagan and Harvey are two little brothers. Reagan is a little lion as his name suggests. Harvey is a real fighter with an irresistible cute face. Both babies are little boys with big luck to be in the foster home of Stanislava. She made a little miracle with the two shaking scary little furry balls that now are sociable, loving, cuddly young cats. They play all the time together and are inseparable during the day. Their favorite things are eating, cuddling, playing and… drinking water from their foster mom’s glass. Not that they don’t have water… just it is much more delicious from the glass. The only thing they are missing is their own families.


Мики 2 Мики

Mickey is a sweet young boy that has a very calm character and very big heart. He is healthy, handsome and irresistible. He is already neutered and vaccinated, absolutely ready to make someone happy.

24 September 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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