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Once again – we thank you for being there for the most unfortunate, dear friends!!!
We will keep you informed about all these little heroes :))) BLESS YOU!!

Despite the fact that we are not admitting new animals our Hospital at the end of the city keeps working full speed. Today we turn to you with another plea – two of our own kids and a poisoned young lady ask for a moment of your time. You are their only hope…


Snezhina is an exceptionally kind and gentle creature – we all call the The Fawn. She was found by a young girl as a puppy, who took care of her vaccinations so we can admit her safely. Unfortunately, no one wanted her as a puppy and she grew up with us. The poor little soul already had a medicinal crisis once – it happened so fast she had to be operated on emergency. Snezhina must have been born with a diaphragm hernia which grew in time. One day we simply found her dying to catch her breath, almost blue, nearly dead. We rushed her to the CVC and had her on the surgery table in minutes. She was quick to recover – no complaints, just two smiley eyes and a tail wagging.

DSC03385 DSC03397

As you can see Life has firmly decided to take Snejina down. She also has a growth defect – the two bones on her front legs aren’t growing simultaneously. Both her legs have a shorter luna, which leads to a kink, which leads to a horrible pain in her overworked elbows as well. For that reason to be able to walk without pain, she needs corrections in three places – implants on the lunar bones on both legs and a correction to the already damaged elbow joint on one of the legs.

This all sounds very complicated and so it is. But having d-r Vladi Zlatinov makes this a non-fatal diagnosis, just the contrary. The only problem here is financial – these are three expensive surgeries that would cost thousands if they were done in the routine order. But, with the help of an anonymous donor, Snejina already has the implants she will need. Half of the sum for her surgeries is also covered. There are 450BGN remaining though, and for that – Snezhina can only count on you.

DSC03386 DSC03391 DSC03393

The surgeries will probably not happen all at once – Snezhina has a hard time ahead of her. Still, she is a fantastic, sunny, smiling creature that has been great with everything despite all the pain and has just the right attitude to go through such an ordeal successfully. We thought it over long and sober – all the con’s and pro’s and we can tell you with a clear continence – The Fawn will make it. As long as she can find your compassion, just like os many lucky souls did before her – she will…


This young man is also one of our own. He’s name is Keizer and he was abandoned by his owners earlier in the summer. Keizer was supposed to go to his new home last week, but he got ill in the last moment with a severe pneumonia. We have to treat him with special antibiotics and they don’t come cheap. So far his bill has gone over 135BGN and  he needs another package which costs additional 68BGN.

DSC_6791 DSC_6800

If Keizer is lucky and we manage to get him on his feet, he will be able to go to Holland immediately after recovery. He is neutered, all his vaccines and papers are in order, he only needs to be healthy and strong to be able to take the long journey without consequence. Keizer is a sweet and cheerful baby who was abandoned one too many times already in his short little life. To gether, we could solve his problems once and for all…


Bunny, because she is such a sweet little bunny, is the name of one poisoned lady that arrived with us in the craziest of situations. As even Martians know by now – we are not admitting new animals. But last week we got a call from the Police – “We have a Rabies dog in Simeonovo!!!” We all went nuts, emptied a quarantine cell, prepared our loops, gloves and safety clothes and when the Municipal car arrived, along with the Police, they unloaded the “rabied” Bunny spitting up foam like a fountain – she was poisoned, barely alive…

Отровено 3

We threw away all stupid precautions and D-r Ilieva spent long hours trying to stabilize her. As miracles do happen – her efforts were successful. The whole “rabies” thing was actually lucky for poor Bunny – she would have never gotten to us on time otherwise.

Sadly, the poison had been in her for too long and her liver has been damaged. We need special medications to treat it, as well as supplements to help her neural system, also two drugs for her muscles, as she hasn’t been able to sand up on her own yet.

Отровено 2 DSC04426

For the life of Bunny the shelter needs 220BGN. We cannot give anything more for her treatment at this point, we are sure you understand that with so many dogs it is not right to spend so much on a single animal, taking away from tens of others. And yet,  Bunny is such a sweet creature, she fights so hard and is so strong – if she manages to pass some of her charm to you through our ugly photos, help her a bit – no animal deserves to die poisoned, the agony is horrendous, and Bunny has grabbed onto us with all her remaining strength – “I am here and I am not letting go”, you can read it in her eyes…

We couldn’t help them

As already made clear, despite our difficult situation with so many animals to rehome in such a short notice – the street doesn’t ask and it’s tortured victims have nowhere else to go. Three more suffering little heroes had to come into our clinic in the last couple of weeks, so they don’t rot under a bush somewhere. To our great sadness, none of them had the strength to get over their troubles; they arrived with us a moment too late. Despite the doctors’ great efforts, they had to be put to sleep humanely.

Куче с таз1 Мечо 4 1305289_702616513085184_1401105213_n

Rest in peace, you sweet little fools, wait for us when you reach the Beyond, at least you found your family before you had to go, at least there was no pain, nor hunger, nor loneliness in your passing…

The Naked

Two scary naked dogs have been swamping Facebook and our phones in the last weeks. After a long unsuccessful reference to the other two Animal Welfare shelters in the city we realized these dogs are simply waiting for a scared citizen to poison them along with many others. We decided that after all it is better to figure out something for them in our care; then to have to care for many other poisoned animals a little while later. So, we admitted Kosta. We still await for someone of the many people who called us or the municipal dog-catchers to get the other naked dog – she is too scared and hard to catch and the nights are becoming colder and colder…

IMGP6876 plesho gorna bania

The good news is that Kosta’s bills will be covered by a group of helpful people, hopefully the girl will squeeze in there as well, we only hope she gets to us on time.

How you can help

These brothers in arms have no one – no one to ask for help, no one to pity them, no one to lend them a hand. Except us. This is serious money, but then life and death is no joke either. We can put a huge red NO on the path of pain for them – we have done it many times and we believe it can be done once again. Because they deserve a second chance and will be loved one day, they will live happily ever after. Just like in the stories. Only now, they are in the worst part of their fairytale, the most difficult one where a magical friend is needed to make things right. And for that – they only have you to depend on, dear friends.

The Bill:

Snezhina   450
Keizer        203
Bunny        220
Kosta         X

If you decide to donate for one of these angels CLICK HERE – you can donate by bank, by PayPal or Epay.

> You can also donate at the Central Vet Clinic registry, or send money directly to their account: IBAN: BG45BUIB98881007429901; SWIFT: BUIBBGFF Benefitiary: “GALBA Ltd – CVC”. Just don’t forget to write that the transfer is for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia

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