This is a plea from the shelter’s personnel. It concerns a dog that came to us after the halt of admittance. She is really a little angel, but she has a problem that doesn’t allow us to put her back in the street if we don’t want her to die in agony. We are all full of dogs to the limit and cannot take anyone else. A foster family is needed. We promise you will not regret it.


She doesn’t have a name. We call her The Daughter. Because she always follows us around like a good little girl. She is young, about 2-3 years old, and arrived with us at the worst possible time – in the middle of the rehoming frenzy we are going through because we must leave this place.

The Daughter came to us almost dead, that is the only reason we let her through the door. It turned out she must have been hit by a car on 2 different occasions and her pelvis had recovered in the wrong way both times, becoming too narrow. The current reason for her  problems was that someone had fed her bones abundantly and they had jammed her gastro-intestinal tract, unable to come out. We operated and managed to remove the hard pieces by hand.

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The only special care our Daughter needs is to be fed wet food, as she cannot poo hard stuff. It would be no problem at all if she was not a street dog that eats many things it shouldn’t.

Despite the drama Daughter never said a thing. She didn’t complain for a single moment. And from the day she could stand on her legs she began to walk after us as a little shadow – totally at peace, obedient, smart, adequate, careful, gentle… just an amazing dog, a dog everyone dreams of, she is even small sized, only at knee height. But… she is black and ugly and it will take time till we find the special someone who realizes this lady is a dog you meet once in a lifetime.

Please, help our Daughter out – she needs a place to wait for her turn. We can’t admit her to the shelter, there are rules and they should be for everyone – how will we look people in the eye if she stays… And in the same time it will be a horrible crime to put her back out so she can die the very first few days with whatever jams her stomach this time. Daughter is a dog God made to be with people…

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23 September 2013 | Blog

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