Summer euphoria 6: Blind Harry

03 September 2013 | Blog


Name: Harry
Special traits: Being a 100% blind pet Deutsche Kurtzhaar
New home: Great Britain

What kind of a creature must you be to tie up your lovely, blind dog and throw him in the ditch? We dare not even speculate, because you probably must be at least a first-grade monster to do it. We can say that because we know Harry – a soft and friendly beauty who, despite his blindness, catches your heart with the soft glow of his velvet heart.

Harry’s guardian angel wasn’t sleeping that icey winter night. He took Kamelia, a young veterinary student, carefully by the hand and took her along that very ditch that our tied-up frozen and confused blind Harry was writhing about. She is one of those people who don’t pass pain by, so she put this poor bundle of tears to her shoulder and brought him home.


After months of Recovery Harry became one of those glossy, good-looking dogs that would catch anyone’s eye. But no love and no food was good enough to get him back his vision, despite all the enthusiasm. Most people do not know it is not such a hard thing to care for a blind dog and Harry is just as good as a pet as any animal… People here are just too afraid of pain and misery – we have too much of that already in our environment, no doubt about that….

Month after month it became apparent Harry and Kamelia may never go their separate ways and Kamelia’s own huge shepherd was really not going to agree with that. It all became a complicated task that seemed to never be ending. But, we knew we could count on the help of our friend Katy, who has been doing many miracles for the blind dogs of Europe, many of which have found loving families through her work.

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In a massive effort Katy managed to find him a place where he would be wanted and loved, he was transported and is now safe and sound in the UK without having to enter the shelter as the plan was. Today Harry is a greatly loved, praised and appreciated dog who lives with some wonderful British people who cannot believe that someone would be so cruel to such a dear boy. And they are right to not believe this, as it happened in a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

And here is a short narrative from his owners for you to enjoy:

“We are so thrilled that Harry is staying with us. He’s so happy here already and we know he’s going to have the best time! He can shift and flies around his field, he’s kind and gentle with everything he encounters and is so attached to us even now. I woke up last night and pottered off to the bathroom. When I got back he’d moved from his bed and was snuggled in next to Steve, head on a pillow, wrapped in a duvet and the pair of them were quietly snoring in unison. I tried to squeeze back in but Harry was so comfy with his dad I gave up and decamped to the spare room. Exactly how it should be! He’s at home.

new home

Will of course keep you posted on how he gets on with everything. Next stage is vet on tues and a referral for his eyes – we will request a referral to David Gould who is a specialist at Davies Vet Specialists in Luton. Bit of a trek but we know they are excellent, we’ve used their orthopaedic chap for 3 of our dogs in the past. In the meantime a bath and a nail clip!!!!”

03 September 2013 | Blog

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