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02 September 2013 | Blog


Name: Meery (Means “Peaceful” in Bulgarian)
Special traits: Meery has two big “sins” – he is a huge dog and he is missing a front leg. He became a giant without much help from humans, but his leg was lost after a car hit him. Back them he was only 6-7 months old, we did all we could to save his leg, but it didn’t heal and we had to have it amputated. Meery is one of Bogrov’s true veterans.
Stay at Bogrov: 2,5 years
New home: Hungary

Whatever kind thing we say about Misho – it will not be enough to describe his huge gentle heart; his tender calm soul; his bright patient mind – Meery is an all-time favorite to everyone at the shelter. Everyone who knows him, actually.

DSC-0489 DSC-2522

We cannot take any credit for Meery’s perfect temperament. The truth is he was the same when he arrived with his broken leg. The whole hassle about his treatment lasted about 3 months, he then became the first 3-legged dog to ever be admitted to the shelter. And that’s as far as he went.

We have offered Meery to every single person who could be offered a dog like him. We’ve praised him, we’ve pushed him though, and we’ve put him in the eye of every possible helper or adopter, but… nothing. There was no one willing to give him a better, more comfortable stay in a place where he would feel more loved and thus happier. So many tripods had found their place meanwhile, but poor Mirko (partly because he really is a very large dog) seemed to have grown roots in his bloody cage.

DSC-2504 DSC-04951

The wheel has now turned for him finally, and as you are rightfully guessing, he is at a much, much better place now. Here is how it all happened:

Stella, who is not very originally a huge fan of Meery’s had promised him to find him a good place this year. The year seemed to go by and Meery never got any candidates. In a rush of panic, she published an album on Facebook called “Forever alone”. There, she put the pictures and descriptions of a few dearly loved dogs in the hope that one of them might find a home with a friend….

DSC-0496 DSC-2512 DSC-2519

So, as a total coincidence and a most unlikely one too, Meery’s cheerful face was seen by a Mrs Kate Pinches, a British national who happens to live in Hungary. She is a breeder and a judge for Rottweilers and Pumies and happens to have hundreds of acres of land where she can enjoy them all she wants, caring for her dogs in a 5-star luxury.

Once that Kate’s experienced eyes had seen Meery it only took her a few moments to write “well, if there is a way to get this guy over here, we can give him love and a home”… Witnesses claim it took Stella about half an hour to calm down, stop jumping and crying and drink a good-sized glass of wine. She was right to jump – only 10 days later Meery was on the bus to Holland and dropped-off at his new ranch where he has now enjoyed over a month of lovely Kate’s company.

meeryhome1 meeryhome3 meeryhome5

Our warmest and biggest regards for Kate – we hope she gets every good deed come back to her double. This, however, is not her first Bulgarian dog. Stella and Kate had met some years ago at a show organized by the Bulgarian Rottweiler club where Kate was judging and Stella was translating. After all the titles were given and the circus dismantled, a tiny limping stray dog was the only one left to roam the empty field. Kate just picked him up and put him in her car bringing her home with her – as that is what kind people do. We wish Kate and Meery all the happiness in the world!!!


02 September 2013 | Blog

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