Summer euphoria 4: Valya

01 September 2013 | Blog

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Name: Valya
Special traits: Missing an eye and being a husky.
Stay at Bogrov: 8 months
New Home: Great Britain

It was the New Year’s eve of 2013 and Valua, a pet husky mix got a very “special” gift – a fire-ckacker in her eye and an abandonment (oh, this eye thing is so gross, get rid of this dog). January, already with a very heavy infection in her head Valya reached our shelter. D-r Stankova had to remove her eye urgently and the dog was put on a very heavy antibiotic treatment. Being a husky after all, Valya managed to get over it, became stable, easily adjusted to the life in the shelter and her wait for a home began. If you are wandering how many people would want to adopt a semi-blind semi-husky, we can easily tell you – none.

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Huskies are a tough rescue altogether – as any popular breed they have passed their “baby boom” and are now at the stage of a massive abandonment (next – goldens and Labradors to come). For the reasons described we have many huskies at our shelter at any time. Many have found homes, but some (Like Rex and Kristo) have stayed with us for too long. For that reason we do all that we can to find rescues working with Northern dogs – these dogs are special dogs that need a special approach.

So, with the help of friends, we got in touch with Raychel – an activist in a Husky-rescue. We said everything nice we could say about our dogs, put it in writing, sent Raychel all the details, crossed our fingers and waited. But… as so many other organizations abroad theirs too was focusing only on dogs from their own country – having animals they cannot get to as well.

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We were desperate. But Raychel had firmly set her mind on helping: if she couldn’t help all, then she’d help at least one of the dogs. Valya – first, because she has a smaller chance of being rehomed as a half-breed; and second – because her having only 1 eye lessened those chances even more. The preparation for her trip didn’t take long – Valya was already prepared and she left to her happy new home!

In her new environment Raychel took care so that Valya would have no trouble fitting into her pack. She lived in a separated room for a short while before she was introduced carefully. Now she is a full-time member of Raychel’s Northern Tribe – a bunch of very lucky huskies.

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We thank Raychel for not giving up on us, for loving Valya, for giving her a chance no one else would give her, for taking such a great care of her! We thank Katy for making all this possible and connecting Valya to Raychel! We thank all of you – the donors and volunteers for not passing the dogs in need by and helping so many unhappy stories get a new, happy beginning!

01 September 2013 | Blog

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