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31 August 2013 | Blog


Name: Tyra
Special features: This lady has an auto-immune problem. She has microphages (flesh-eating micro-organisms) in her leg that eat up her tissues, causing infections. If the circumstances were normal Tyra’s organism would be able to fight-off the enemy on its own. In her case – it is an open wound that doesn’t get better from the treatment we can administer in the shelter environment. In short: Tyra needed a clean, quiet place, healthy raw food, immune-modulators and stimulators, cholistic drugs… all sorts of stuff we cannot offer her.
Stay at Bogrov: 2 years
New home: Not found yet, Tyra is stationed for a prolonged treatment in a nice clinic in Sofia.

Tyra came to us already with the wound. We treated her, then again, then we took her to other clinics with no result. The smiling girl never held it against us, she lost nothing of her sunny nature, she wasn’t confused, it was enough for her that we were there, that we loved her, that we wanted only what’s good for her.


Dogs like Tyra are not a rare thing in the shelter – stable, calm, friendly middle-aged girls that have been thought by their harsh lives not to have any pretention about anything. Unfortunately, these lovely dogs are not easy to rehome – there are not too many people who have the knowledge and sensitivity to recognize the perfect pets they are. Sending her abroad with such a problem was out of the question – no one wants to go through the trouble, and Tyra’s condition is Trouble with a capital “T”.

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So, when our amazing friend Michelle called us with the news that she is bringing a British celebrity to the shelter and they will be picking up a “hopeless” dog (just like Mina who is now happy and loved thanks to Michelle), we already knew which dog we will recommend. Michelle met Tyra, liked her, discussed with all possible doctors what we can and cannot do for her and took over her treatment.

There are not too many people in this world that can pay attention to every detail the way Michelle can. To create Tyra’s treatment plan she spoke with many Bulgarian and British doctors. Today, our girl has an amazing improvement already – thanks to the immune-stimulators, healthy food, clean life, but also a very special innovative drug, developed in Britain for the treatment of dog cancer.

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Tyra was amazingly lucky to have crossed Michelle’s path, taking up a little space in her bright mind. A dog with a diagnose like hers would never have been OK in a shelter like ours, neither could she go to live in a better place if it was not for Michelle opening up her heart to Tyra. Words are not enough to tell Michelle how grateful we are, but we know it is enough for her that this good dog is getting back her health and will receive a new happiness. Just like it ought to.

You can see a part of the film about Michelle’s organization K9 Rescue Bulgaria with Tyra and our shelter in it too here:

31 August 2013 | Blog

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