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30 August 2013 | Blog


Name: Lena
Special features: It’s highly unlikely that anyone at the shelter will grasp the dog you mean when you mention Lena. Is she from the Retirement home? Well, most of them are brown and toothless. A flat head and fat? Aaaah, you mean Meatball, why didn’t you just say so! With a weight double to what it should be, no teeth, a broken nose and 8-9 years old, Lena was one of those dogs that were going nowhere. We hadn’t even put an add on the website for her – it seemed highly unlikely that anyone who has never seen her would want her.
Stay at Bogrov: 2 years
New Home: Great Britain

Lena “Meatball” became famous for the fact she is the fattest dog in Bogrov. And it was actually this fact that most amazingly became her way to happiness. Here is how it happened:

When Alyson and her husband Rob adopted Suzie, the 3-legged German Shepherd the trip was a bit nervous. Used to being spoiled by the volunteers, instead of walking when they took her out for a walk, Suzie would lay flat on the ground getting as much pets and hugs as she can squeeze out of her walker, no matter how persuasive the person is – after all she only saw people who had the time to hug her once a week, why waste that precious time on pointless sniffing around? So, when she was on her way to her new British home she performed the same trick on the kind man driving the transport. He decided that the dog might be ill and told it to our partners, they wrote us somewhat concerned and it all became a long story.

We had to explain: in such a huge and badly constructed shelter we have no choice, but to overfeed the dogs – otherwise they would kill each other; what is more – the old dog nursery has an especially overeating atmosphere; Suzie is not sick, she is just love-hungry and fat, she can walk, honest, and so on… To illustrate the scale of overeating at the Retirement home we sent Katy a picture of Lena – this is the fattest dog of the shelter, it lives in the same space. Katy sent it to Alyson, Alyson showed it to Rob and they, who had been taken over with no resistance by Suzie already (she had meanwhile managed to arrive) began to think sad thoughts about Lena.

DSC_0962 DSC_0963

Katy and we talked over the Lena situation – she had come to the shelter skin and bones only (no hair, she had the mange), toothless and with a broken nose. We can only assume that someone might have hit her this bad because of her lively and friendly attitude – people aren’t fans of the idea of hugging mangy dogs. So, Lena came to the shelter, started eating and… never stopped! Kilo after kilo she turned into a compact stool, it’s possible that in a more advanced country someone would have called the police on us for her size, she became so very fat. Our seal-dog ate and ate and ate, after all – it was her chance to eat for the first time, the poor thing, she must have thought it was her last…

In short: Lena left Bulgaria about a month ago. There, she shares a happy home with her friend Suzie, they both lived together in our so-called Retirement home. Although she isn’t getting the amounts of food she is used to, she is extremely happy, obedient and cheerful.

971783_279208332217201_64995271_n lena u doma lena suzie

P.S. Sad fact: When Alyson and Rob when out to greet the bus with their car and Suzie in it, the poor girl panicked – she thought she might be sent back to us. She hid under the car, didn’t greet the very enthusiastic Lena and didn’t calm down until they were all back at the house.

We thank Alyson and Rob from all our hearts for getting 2 of our “hopeless” cases; we thank Katy and Bridget for helping so many dogs in need; we thank you – the people who have the will to change the world for the better.


30 August 2013 | Blog

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