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(Sirius was adopted recently by Antionio and Mira, he had to wait for a long time. And just to make it clear: the poor boy isn’t old, he just has very worn teeth, something we unfortunately see often in our work)

here we are along with our furry friend Sirius, decided to send you some news of how we are doing. From the first week we have had a lot of emotion, most of it pleasant, except the visit to the vet who told us our boy might be a granddad.

But he is otherwise very playful and full of life, judging by the number of labradors he jumps over in the park. We quickly thought them to go off the lead, he is not the most attentive in that respect and can put on a deaf ear, but he is otherwise good and already knows a few tricks, especially when cheese is near. We went to the mountains together a few times, he got all muddy and played in the bushes, ponds, whatever he could find.

All in all, we get along well and are very happy rogether, sending you a few photos and many smiles.
Regards and thanks to everyone at the shelter,
Mira, Antonio and Sirius


betti (1) betti (2) betti (4)

(Betty is an abandoned dog that was fostered at D-r Stankova’s home and left to a lovely German shelter in 2011)

Good day,
after some detective work I have followed the foreign stamp in the passport of my dog up to you. My dog “Betty” is a white Collie mixed breed, I got the dog in November 2011 from a German animal protection association and the staff there told me that Betty has come from Bulgaria.

I am happy to report to you that Betty has found a good home. We are a family with 2 children who love the dog very much. Our house is on the edge of a large nature park where we often go for a walk with Betty. Without your work this good life for Betty would not have been possible.

I therefore want to thank you for your work. My family advertises for you: we often tell friends and family where we got Betty and urge everyone to adopt a dog, too.

I wish you continued success in your good work.
With kind regards,
Lars Karmann


mookie (1) mookie (2) mookie (4)

(Mookie is one of three persians that were left at the shelter by a breeder, because of their reproductive problems. She was the quietest and shiest of the three, but she found the perfect person to help her feel loved – Yoanna Ormanova. Recently, we were talking to Yoanna about another kitty and got a bonus – recent photos of Mookie)

Mookie is an absolute sweetheart, very sweet and delicate. I’ve fostered 3 cats since I got her. She wasn’t very happy to have them, but the third time she showed herself as a true hostes. On the other hand, I am sorry to have her alone all day during the day, at least I think she is bored, so I look to find her some company and help out a cat or two.


rem (1) rem (2) rem (3)

(Rem, his brother Romul and their sister Monique were picked up by us on the brink of starvation in the Kremikovtzi factory where we used to work 2 years ago.)

Hi guys, I have some questions and I hope you have the time to answer them!

Last year me and my parents adopted Rem (the brother of Romul, from the calender, January!) His name is now Aaron and he lives in Holland with us. He is a very sweet dog and we love him very much!

We don’t know anything about the situation he was found in, in Bulgaria. Can you tell me something about that? I also really want to know what happened to his Brother Romul and his sister Monique, i think off them very much.

I know you are very busy working with the dogs but i really hope you have the time to answer me because I did a lot of research but found nothing!

Lots of love from Holland,

* * *
(we sent Mandy a video about our work and Kremikovtzi – see the Rem on admittance and on his calendar pic with his brother a month later)

romul-before rr

Thank you so much for answering!
The video was awful, I had to cry. I now understand why Aaron eats his food very fast and is sometimes afraid of people!

I hope you can see the pictures, the first one is from the first day at our house, the second one is on the beach, he loves that! He can run veeery fast and runs after the birds, the third one is together with his French bulldog friend Billy, and the last one is Aaron who wants to go in the car, he loves the car!

We also have a cat and he loves him too! We take very good care of him and give him all the love he needs. We play with him a lot and he is now a happy and healthy dog!

Lots of love, Mandy

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