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25 August 2013 | Adopted, Blog

Shar-Pei is a Chinese breed created (far from the extreme look it has today) for dog-fighting and boar-hunting. They are animals that need special efforts and good early socialization to become good pets. Today and among our fellow country-men, thanks to the careless greedy dog dealers who look for quick profit on the dogs’ expence, shar-pei is considered a curly toy. Or at least whilst they are easy-to-sell little babies…

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As “attractive” as some people might find this look – this sort of breeding, bringing whole dog populations to an extreme phisique, costs the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs globallye very year. You can learn more about the insanity proffecional dog breeders have organized if you see BBC’s documentary PEDIGREE DOGS EXPOSED.

Most dogs of this breed that we had (much like their fellow chinise friends, the Chow-chows) were dogs with difficult temperaments. Unsocial and suffering from many skin-related issues that are typical in their breed, because of the excess ammount of skin puts them at higher risk of abandonment. And once the kin problems begin, the eyes and ears start dripping, the dog grows more nervous from the pain and itching, the risk becomes more of a rule. The dog ends up in the street or chained in someone’s yard to live what is left of their lives in torture.

It is known about the Shar-pei that they are a stubborn breed, they don’t like strangers and have a strong guarding instinct. We know enough as to give them the space and respect they need to behave well. So we were quite unpleasantly surprised when Hovis got to the shelter – an old Shar-pei male with a horrendous skin infection and ears that were dripping… white worms.

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Instead of making problems Hovis proved for yet another time that every dog deserves it’s chance and has been a perfect animal from day 1. Of course, not even Ghandi would sit still whilst larvae were being extracted en vivo from his infected ears, but for the rest of the time – Hovis has been really a flawless pet. He even waits to be taken out of the quarantine to do his things.

Hovis is not just some nice old dog. Hovis is an exceptionaly kind guy who cares for the other ill dogs at his quarantine cell, letting them have his food if they want it and even serving as a warm pillow to a little dog that has lost the skin on it’s head. He is a wonderful guy, a faithful dog who loves people and has only one fault, but it’s a major one – he is old.

It is bad enough to be a young Shar-pei at a shelter. But being an old Shar-pei at a shelter is a life sentence. So, the minute we found out what a great guy Hovis is, we began looking for an option for him to be loved and not get a lonely ending to his hard life.

We dare not say anything, as the miracle hasn’t taken place yet, but it seems that Lady Luck is deffinitely set her ming on giving Hovis a chance. If we manage to put him on his feet and get him ready, he may very well have a chance to go to a wonderful place soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed, dear friends! Keep them crossed tight!

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25 August 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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